How to use the rubric
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How to use the rubric…. Meets Requirements. Goes Beyond Requirements. How to use the rubric…. Goes Beyond Requirements. Meets Requirements. Befriend a Book… what I am looking for. Paperdoll Come to Life… what I am looking for. Embarrassment. Scowling. French class. a scowl on his face

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How to use the rubric
How to use the rubric…

Meets Requirements

Goes Beyond Requirements

How to use the rubric1
How to use the rubric…

Goes Beyond Requirements

Meets Requirements

Befriend a book what i am looking for
Befriend a Book…what I am looking for

Paperdoll come to life what i am looking for
Paperdoll Come to Life…what I am looking for



French class

  • a scowl on his face

  • a though bubble with a question mark to show that he is confused about Michael scowling

  • a GQ magazine with a scowling male model

  • backpack with textbooks

  • a shirt with the Eiffel Tower

  • French for Dummies book in his hand

  • red cheeks from blushing

  • averted eyes from feeling silly

  • hand on his head as in, “What was I thinking?!”