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FICAM Testing Program PowerPoint Presentation
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FICAM Testing Program

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FICAM Testing Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FICAM Testing Program. The FIPS 201 Evaluation Program is now the FICAM Testing Program!.

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FICAM Testing Program

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    1. FICAM Testing Program The FIPS 201 Evaluation Program is now the FICAM Testing Program! The revamped FICAM Testing Program provides a comprehensive evaluation capability to support the selection and procurement of qualified products and services for the implementation of a federated and interoperable ICAM segment architecture. • Information for Product Vendors • Access Approval and Testing Procedures • Contact labs for submitting a product or service for evaluation New & Improved! • Information for Agency Implementers • View the Approved Products List (APL) to purchase items • Access and explore Evaluation Program (EP) test tools Key Features and Benefits   • Provides a common government-wide testing capability for ICAM/HSPD12 products and services. • Provides compliance, consistency, and alignment of commercially-available products and services with the requirements and functional needs of government ICAM implementers. • Ensure interoperability among newly deployed PACS components by using the new system builder tool (coming September CY13). • Coordinates interaction and coordination with the ICAM vendor community to improve the inclusion of ICAM requirements into product offerings and services.   For more information, please contact

    2. What the FICAM Testing Program Can do for You The updated program leverages a continuously-improving process with the ability to adapt to new products developed by industry. The program provides a feedback loop for vendors that undergo the evaluation process and agencies that are end customers of the APL, enabling the program to make improvements as necessary. New Tool: ICAM Test Cards In order to perform end to end security and interoperability testing of proposed FICAM solutions, an approach had to be taken to create a convenient way of ensuring systematic testing.  In order to support this type of testing, ICAM test cards and a PKI TEEcoSystem (Test Environment EcoSystem)have been created to ensure consistent testing results and interoperability between security components. Physical Access Control System (PACS) Testing The updated FICAM Testing Program is organized into four primary solution segments: Physical Access Control Systems (PACS), Logical Access Control Systems (LACS), Credentialing Systems, and Usage. Updates to the FICAM Testing Program are being made in spirals based on these solution segments, with the first one being PACS. PACS incorporates system level testing incorporating interoperability and security. Today you can find information related to PACS products testing elements, approved PACS products, and lab certification on the program’s website. To access the new testing program resources, please visit: Federal Chief Information Officer Council Information Security and Identity Management Committee Identity, Credential, and Access Management Subcommittee