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Maintenance Products Australia Pty Ltd

Maintenance Products Australia Pty Ltd. C. C. C. Environmentally Friendly Corrosion Protection. C. C. C. is the term used to describe The Ongoing Protection of Timber, Metal, Stone, Rubber, Fibreglass, And many other substrates, Using the CORROSION CONTROL family of products from

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Maintenance Products Australia Pty Ltd

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  1. Maintenance Products Australia Pty Ltd C. C. C. Environmentally Friendly Corrosion Protection

  2. C. C. C. is the term used to describe The OngoingProtection of Timber, Metal, Stone, Rubber, Fibreglass, And many other substrates, Using the CORROSION CONTROL family of products from Maintenance Products Australia Pty Ltd C.C.C.

  3. We use the termContinuous Corrosion Control Because the MPA range of products are NON CURING SYSTEMS • This means that our products • remain ACTIVE & MOBILE • WITHIN THE SUBSTRATE, • & WILL NOT DEGRADE.

  4. All substrates absorb MPA Protection Systems in the same way. So for this presentation we will use Metal Substrates & MPA’s Metaltreat to explain... Continuous Corrosion Control

  5. EXTREME PENETRATION Metaltreatexhibits extreme Penetration & Capillary Action Once applied, Metaltreatwill form an ImpermeableBreathable Barrier on the surface & will Soak Deeply into the substrate.

  6. As seasons & temperatures change through the year, Metaltreatwill also change. As ambient temperatures increase, Metaltreatbecomes active & penetrates deeper. As temperatures decrease, Metaltreatbecomes less mobile, & retains it’s superior water proofing properties. The extreme hydrophobic nature of Metaltreat, provides a TOTAL BARRIER against moisture, ALL YEAR LONG...

  7. THISIS Continuous Corrosion Control • A new generation of Green & Friendly • Steel Protection Systems

  8. Minimal Surface Preparation NoSandblasting • NoWater Pressure Cleaning • NoMechanical Preparation • ...NoProblem

  9. A partial list of the properties & the many uses for Metaltreat & Metaltreat Xtreme

  10. No dangerous materials used in applications • No toxins,Zero VOC’s, Non carcinogenic • Environmentallysafe for sensitive areas • Control, inhibit and protect against corrosion • Non Electrically conductive – Waterproof & lubricate circuit boards, control boxes, switchgear and electrical connectors • Biodegradable – Environment friendly • Penetrates, Lubricates & Preserves • Resists, Chlorine, Alkalis, Acid’s & Salts • Extremelyhydrophobic – displaces water & sea water, (all liquids). • Available in Grease and Light Oil • Industrial applications by airless spray – Protect oversize machinery and equipment during working life or during long term storage. • Lubricate & extend working life of steel rope, draglines, cranes, pulleys, block and tackle, gears wheel’s, winches, earthmoving equipment chassis, anchors and chains at sea & more • Workshop - lubricant & anti-seize, release agent for moulds, anti spatter agent for welding, reduce friction on mechanical parts • Prevents electrolysis between two different metals or electrical connections • Anti foul for ships hulls, pontoons, gangway’s, jetties, oil rigs, splash zones • Withstands heavy vibration - stay’s where it is applied • Wet area applications – can be applied under water

  11. Green Materials... Lanosol Data Sheet Metaltreat Xtreme Data Sheet All system materials are Friendly to Animals, People & the Environment Warning labels on drum packaging, refers ONLY to safeDRUM disposal National standard for Organic and Bio Dynamic produce

  12. Green Chemicals... Lanosol …Skin safe, environmentally friendly Metaltreat carrier Metaltreat …Harmless to people, Animals, Oceans, Soil & Plants Basematerial …Certified by NASAA as ORGANIC PRODUCE

  13. A Greener World... No Harmful Two Pack Coatings No Harmful Dangerous solvents Reduces Carbon Footprints

  14. Who uses MPA’sContinuousCorrosionControlSystems ?

  15. Passed Safe for marine applications • Hulltreatis MPA’ssister product using Generic MPA materials as used in ALL Metaltreatsystems • Specified by SKM (Sinclair Knight Merz)to protect underwater scientific equipment off Barrow Island Chevronproject • Used by Bureauof Meteorology consultants Metocean Engineers to protect vital DWR off Pilbara coast annually • Used by MScience(UWA Assoc marine scientists) for marine survey equipment off the Kimberley coast WA Used by Woodside Petroleum- North Rankin A • Used by Premier Oil on ships & chains south china seas

  16. Harmless to our Oceans & Forests Specified byC.A.L.M Authority ( Conservation & Land Management ) For coastal and forest walkways Including the famous ‘Valley of the Giants’ Treetop walkway

  17. Harmless to our beaches & our Oceans Specified by Swan River Trust To protect timber coastal walkways & steel support structure Materials over sprayed or carried on the wind Have no effect on beaches or Ocean Specified by Brisbane City Council Woody Point Heritage listed Jetty

  18. Harmless to our Oceans The Anoa Oil Field South China Seas. The image on the left is a close up of the image below right. These are anchor chains on the Anua Natuna, of the Premier Oil Company At first glance it might be assumed that this chain is in a very degraded condition. However the surface is smothered in Metaltreat Extreme which is protecting the steel beneath it.

  19. Harmless to our Oceans Pilbara coast Applications Specified byMet Ocean Engineering Consultants for Bureau of Meteorology Protecting vital equipment used for Marine surveys, From SEA FOULING Annual applications Image shows no sea growth on treated portion of equipment

  20. Harmless to our Oceans Pilbara coast Applications Specified by MScience University of Western Australia Marine scientist Nick Glory Uses MPAHulltreat on Marine Survey equipment LNG Project James Price Point Gorgon Project Barrow Island

  21. Steel Frame Construction • Fast, Safe protection for structural steel MPA Personnel... Sprayer & spotter Safe to apply Over Electrics... Non conductive

  22. Steel Frame Construction • Instant corrosion protection Before After

  23. Steel Tanks and Hoppers • Instant corrosion protection Before After

  24. Steel Tanks and Hoppers • Instant corrosion protection After Before

  25. Valves & Fittings • Anti Seize, lubrication & corrosion control • for valve handles Before After

  26. Patch Repair Preparation • Patch repairs to steel walls PanelBond Highly adhesive cloth backed Panel Bond Is applied to damaged area’s by hand, before sealing with Metaltreat

  27. MetaltreatXtreme Protects high value assets • Anti Seize, lubrication & corrosion control • Daily maintenance in the workshop or the field • Perfect Protection for Long term mothball storage

  28. MPA Product Brands MPA provides solutions for reducing your Water Footprint Heavy Duty Industrial Corrosion Protection Protecting Stone & Concrete Non-toxic & Environmentally Friendly clean-up For all MPA products Superior ships Hull Antifoul system Environmentally-friendly Heavy-Duty all purpose wax Brands you can trust Superior Propeller Antifouling Ultimate Timber protection

  29. Industry leaders use our products Industry leaders in Conservation and Land Management, choose our products, for applications in highly sensitive environments and wildlife habitats.

  30. For our websites... just click! www.maintenance.net.au Maintenance Products www.merusaustralia.com.au Water Treatment www.anti-foul.com.au Marine anti fouling www.timbatreet.com Timber Treatment sales@maintenance.net.au Contact us END

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