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IndII and Urban Transport Infrastructure PowerPoint Presentation
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IndII and Urban Transport Infrastructure

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IndII and Urban Transport Infrastructure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IndII and Urban Transport Infrastructure. SESSION III: BRT Infrastructure Planning, Operation and Maintenance. Tory Damantoro. Presentation Outline. Why?

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Presentation Transcript

IndII and Urban Transport Infrastructure

SESSION III: BRT Infrastructure Planning, Operation and Maintenance

Tory Damantoro

Presentation Outline


Why we should consider infrastructure planning, operation and maintenance in the BRT system development and operation? Doesn’t it enough just only have a good planning?


What is planning, operation and maintenance all about?

How ?

How to do planning, operation and maintenance? Where do we begin?

Why all this process should be put into consideration

The objective is to improve service of our public transportation

Transport is a very dynamic with growing demand which require responsive fleet management and operation change for time to time

Public transport should deliver uninterrupted service otherwise it wont attract enough passengers to cover its costs

What is planning, operation and maintenance all about?

Planning, operation and maintenance is ONE COMPULSORY PACKAGE

“……do the planning but forget the operation and maintenance is like you having a baby then leave it behind……”

It’s a process which should be considered by everybody involve in the BRT operation




Infrastructure Planning

Not just only hire a good architecture consultant

Not just merely meet the limited budget

Not just another physical project

But planning process should be people oriented to attract them becoming future passengers

Should meet existing and future projected passenger demand

Should also incorporate operation and maintenance plan

Infrastructure Operation

Operating BRT is not only running the bus

But should incorporate all infrastructures supporting it

Incorporation which will ensure that all infrastructure will well functioned and well integrated one to another

  • Thus, BRT operation Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) should include infrastructure operation
  • Infrastructure operation will secure the fleet operation
Infrastructure Maintenance

Is very important to ensure good service delivery

Not an ad-hoc activity which can wait for budget availability

Maintenance plan should cover scheduling, budgeting and procurement mechanism

Budgeting plan should cope with APBD mechanism

Expected result from planning, operation and maintenance


People oriented infrastructure design


Well function and well integrated infrastructure in supporting BRT operation


Good quality of infrastructure service and evaluation data for future planning process

Overall result : good quality BRT service: SPEED, FREQUENCY, CAPACITY

Consequence of poorly planned, operated and maintained infrastructure


  • Obstruction to fleet operation
  • Impose unnecessary problems
  • Reduce service quality


  • Decrease public perception on BRT
  • Reduce potential growth of passenger demand
  • Reduce financial performance of the system
  • Highly subsidy
  • Degrade government performance and image – in the worst case could lead and indicate corruption another unnecessary problems