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The Database „Lituanistika“ Technologies

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The Database „Lituanistika“ Technologies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Database „Lituanistika“ Technologies. Antanas Štreimikis Project IT L eader. 2013-0 9 -25, The Research Council of Lithuania. Agenda. The Context of the D atabase „Lituanistika“ (LDB) The Cataloging, Submit and Preservation Services The Review and Administration Services

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the database lituanistika technologies

The Database „Lituanistika“ Technologies


Project IT Leader

  • 2013-09-25, The Research Council of Lithuania
  • The Context of the Database „Lituanistika“ (LDB)
  • The Cataloging, Submit and Preservation Services
  • The Review and Administration Services
  • The Search and Delivery Services
  • The Citation and Bibliography Services
  • The Portal
  • Conclusions
the context of the database lituanistika ldb
The Context of the Database „Lituanistika“ (LDB)

The Database „Lituanistika“

Cataloging, Submit and Preservation

Review and Administration


SSH Expert

Search and Delivery

Citation and Bibliography




SSH Researcher

the cataloging submit and preservation services
TheCataloging, Submit and Preservation Services
  • The Cataloging based on the Integrated Library System Aleph(Ex Libris, Ltd.)
  • Submit and Preservation based on the Repository Software Fedora(open source)
  • Additional services for the Librarians (based on the Java, PHP and Internet Browsers):
    • Submit of the publications
    • Browse of the submitted publications
e object of the ldb repository
E-object of the LDB Repository
  • It is an integral object where additional information (cover, table of contents, access conditions, metadata in various formats and etc.), files and links are stored together with metadata in the LDB repository
data conversion to ldb repository
Data Conversion to LDB Repository
  • The special convertor software was prepared
  • 45197 bibliographical records of the Lithuanian studies were analyzed
  • 17472 bibliographical records had the open access licenses for appropriate full texts
  • 16153 main files ir 81 BookReview files as open access files were submitted
  • The average full conversion time ~ 14 hours
  • The full conversion were provided several times using iterationmethod
the review and administration services
The Review and Administration Services
  • Based on the RelationalDatabaseManagementSystemMySQL(open source)
  • Additional services for the LDB (based on the Java, PHP and Internet Browsers):
    • The Review Services for the Experts
    • The Administration Services for the Administrators
the ldb expert and administrator
The LDB Expert and Administrator

Environment of the Experts

Environment of the Administrators


ExpertEvaluation(EE) Expert

RegulativeEvaluation(RE) Expert



Database Administrator

developed and new components
Developed and New Components
  • Import and Export
  • EE Environment
  • RE Environment (new)
  • Administration Environment
review and administration http addresses
Review and Administration http Addresses
  • Oldaddress (for SSH Experts)

  • New address

> Ekspertavimas > Prisijungti ir ekspertuoti

review and administration mysql domain
Review and Administration MySQL Domain

Consist of 44 MySQL tables

the main review and administration services
The Main Review and AdministrationServices
  • The management of:
    • SSH Experts and Administrators
    • EE and RE environments
    • SSHScientist Repository and Classifiers
    • Servicesparameters
the fragment of the ee environment
The fragment of the EE environment

EE Environment


EE Agreement

The Reports of the EE

the search and delivery services
TheSearch and Delivery Services
  • Based on the Aleph Web OPAC(Ex Libris, Ltd.)
    • OPAC technology
  • Based on the One-stop Solution for the Discovery and DeliveryResources (including full text) Primo(Ex Libris, Ltd.)
    • Virtual library technology
  • Based on the Internet Browsers(Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari)
opac vs virtual library
OPACvs Virtual Library
  • OAPC Technology (“older”)
    • Advanced search and browse supported in the bibliographical records only
    • All traditional OPAC possibilities are supported
  • Virtual Library Technology (“newest”)
    • Search supported in bibliographical records and in full text
    • Intuitive facets and links
    • All traditional virtual library possibilities are supported
typically links in ldb virtual library
Typically Links in LDB Virtual Library
  • Typically links related to the search and delivery
    • Full-Text Online is the full text (only open access) of the Lithuanian studies
      • N.B. Every full text (open access) has Author or Publisher License Agreement
    • Citation and bibliography – link to theCitation and Bibliography Services
    • All articles in the same journal
    • All articles in the same issue
the citation and bibliography services
TheCitation and Bibliography Services
  • Based on the RelationalDatabaseManagementSystemMySQL(open source)
  • Additional services for the LDB (based on the Java, PHP and Internet Browsers):
    • Evaluation of the Citation Indexes (in the LDBarea)
    • Creation of the various Citation Reports including Visualization (Citation Map)
evaluation of the citation i ndexes ldb a rea newest services of ldb
Evaluation of the Citation Indexes (LDBArea)(newest services of LDB)

All Citeted Publications


Evaluatedthe relationship

  • Authors
  • Sources
  • SSHdirections
  • SSHbranches
  • Keywords

The Lithuanian


The Lithuanian




Citation Indexes evaluate related to cited the Lithuanian

Studies in LDB


Reports of Citation

Example of the Citation Map




portal lituanistikadb lt en
Portal (

Modern web portal with typical possibilities and content management system made by company Fresh Media

conclusions 1
Conclusions (1)
  • In generally LDB started in 2007 with four Service Packages:
    • Cataloging Services
    • Review and Administration Services
    • Search Services (only OPAC technology)
    • Website (old Web technology)
  • Developing LDB have been used the existing Resources of the Research Council, Ministry of Education and Science and Lithuanian Academic Libraries Consortium
    • eLABa infrastructure
    • Aleph
    • Primo
    • Humans and other Resource
conclusions 2
Conclusions (2)
  • From 2013 LDB consist of the 5 parts (Packages of the Services related to programing software):
    • Cataloging, Submit and Preservation Services (developed)
    • Review and Administration Services (developed)
    • Search and Delivery Services (developed)
    • Citation and Bibliography Services (new)
    • Portal (new)
conclusions 3
Conclusions (3)
  • The Research Council of Lithuania is the owner and general manager of LDB
  • The maintenance and developmentdesign of the LDB are provided by Project Leaders (Rūta, Lina, Nijolė, Antanas) and the Work Group of Consortium Information Systems Supervision
  • The main users of the LDB are SSH Researchers and Experts
  • The Regulation Documents of LDB under contraction and will be approved in the end of 2013

Thankyou for the attention

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Antanas Štreimikis

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