inspiring involving engaging our leaders l.
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Inspiring, Involving & Engaging Our Leaders PowerPoint Presentation
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Inspiring, Involving & Engaging Our Leaders

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Inspiring, Involving & Engaging Our Leaders - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Inspiring, Involving & Engaging Our Leaders. Matt Clement HR & Corporate Communications Manager. The Fairbrother Group. Founded by RT & DJ Fairbrother in 1973, Royce managed operations, Thea managed administration

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inspiring involving engaging our leaders

Inspiring, Involving & Engaging Our Leaders

Matt Clement

HR & Corporate Communications Manager

the fairbrother group
The Fairbrother Group
  • Founded by RT & DJ Fairbrother in 1973, Royce managed operations, Thea managed administration
  • Royce studied his competitors, copied and then learned to outplay them at their own game
  • People really are the company’s greatest asset – “none of us is as smart as all of us”
  • Vision and Values
  • In 1975 Fairbrother employed just 8 employees. Today we employ almost 450 people across 6 divisions, in 2 states and in a multitude of trades
  • Turnover - approx $105m, recognised as an Employer of Choice, accredited to best practice standards, strong brand

Commercial building construction and joinery manufacture and fit-out services throughout Tasmania and mainland Australia

Building management services including programmed & preventative maintenance and minor capital works

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration services throughout Tasmania

Commercial building and construction in regional Victoria

Prospecting for in-house development opportunities

Shared corporate services to the Fairbrother Group

our leaders
Our Leaders
  • A large proportion of our leaders have been promoted from within
  • Many leaders have been promoted on the basis of technical competence
  • A wealth of knowledge & experience exists within our business
  • The ageing workforce, skills shortages and generational factors are an issue for our leaders
  • Our leaders place a high value on training & development
building a case
Building a case...
  • We looked at what others were doing – globally not just locally
  • We considered our own experience of leadership development
  • We invested in our own development as facilitators
  • We considered the fringe benefits: talent management, succession planning, etc

"It is essential that we have a culture of values-based leaders with integrity and passion to set a vision, to inspire their organizations to align around that vision and to nurture greatness in those around them."

William C.Weldon - Chairman and CEO

Johnson & Johnson

taking stock
Taking stock...


  • We had a go and we learned a great deal
  • Internalised development still the way to go
  • External development has its place
  • Involvement of key leaders in facilitating the program is critical
  • The program needs to address individual skills needs
  • The time commitment needs to be balanced with the pressures of the job
  • Participant selection – the Pareto Principle





summary 4 key points
Summary – 4 Key Points
  • Leadership development is essential
  • Internalise the process – involve, inspire & engage your leaders
  • It’s an iterative process – don’t expect instant results
  • Remember the ‘Pareto Principle’