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What is art? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is art?

What is art?

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What is art?

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  1. What is art?

  2. As regards form, we have drawing Mary Magdalene, drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci

  3. painting Starry Night, painting by Vincent Van Gogh

  4. sculpture Pieta, sculpture by Michelangelo

  5. architecture Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, designed by Frank O. Gehry

  6. photography Tears, by Man Ray

  7. As regards subject matter, we have still life Still Life with Peppermint Bottle, by Cezanne

  8. portraits The Dream, by Pablo Picasso

  9. landscapes Field of Poppies, by Claude Monet

  10. events 3rd of May, by Goya

  11. MEDIA means the materials or substance the artist uses to make art works. Among many others, oil on canvas The Kiss, by Gustav Klimt

  12. watercolour Sunrise, by Turner

  13. marble The Discus Thrower

  14. metal Looking for the light, by Chillida

  15. STYLE – means the manner of an artwork, the way it looks, which can be recognised as characteristic of a culture. In western culture the most important styles are Ancient Egyptian The Pyramids

  16. AncientGreek temples and statues The Parthenon

  17. Romanesque and Gothic Churches and Cathedrals

  18. Some vocabulary you may need to talk about buildings column vault arch

  19. ADJECTIVES unique expressive decorative emotional decadent irrational impressive personal special shocking disturbing abstract moving elaborate mysterious captivating extraordinary beautiful realistic elegant original controversial disgusting dull inspiring exotic colourful

  20. Where can you see art? museums galleries auction house street

  21. Is this art? Damien Hirst’s Sheep Campbell’s Tomato Soup, by Andy Warhol Duchamp's Fountain

  22. Describe the following pictures David Hockney David Hockney Banksy Munch

  23. Describe, compare and contrast these photos. Make sure you talk about the type of art you most enjoy. Art

  24. What is art? • How great is your interest in art? • What kinds of art do you like? • Have you ever been to a gallery? • Does art change the way you feel/think? • Do you need a special talent to be an artist? • Do you think everybody should study art or the history of art at school? • What kind of art is your country / region famous for? • Do you have any artistic talents?