vocabulary 4 n.
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Vocabulary 4

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Vocabulary 4
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  1. Vocabulary 4

  2. [Greek Root] hydro- water The car hydroplaned when Steve accelerated on the wet street.

  3. [Greek Root] hypo– under, below Because of hypothermia, his body temperature was below normal.

  4. [Latin Root] cog– to think; to consider Michael cogitates too much about simple decisions.

  5. irony: (n.) a contrast between what you expect to happen and what actually happens The irony can be found in the laziness of those about to work out at the gym. One would think members of a gym would be more willing to walk up the stairs.

  6. complex: (adj.) consisting of many interrelated parts or factors; intricate; complicated The complex math problem took fourteen steps to solve.

  7. brazen: (adj.) to act boldly and without shame The brazen man stood in front of oncoming tanks because of his firm beliefs.

  8. mortified: (adj.) very embarrassed, and humiliated She was mortified when the whole school saw that she had toilet paper stuck to her shoe.

  9. abject: (adj.) exceedingly humble as in making an apology The head of the NFL gave an abject apology for having used not-ready-for prime time referees.

  10. baleful: (adj.) evil, destructive The baleful Bane desired to destroy Gotham by blowing it up.

  11. cede: (v.) to give up, or give away He did not desire to be the King of England, so he ceded the throne to his younger brother.