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Sacred Passage

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Sacred Passage

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  1. Sacred PassageHow to Provide Fearless, Compassionate Care for the DyingBy Margaret Coberly, Ph.D., R.N. “Thy shadows live and vanish; that which in thee shall live for ever, that which in thee knows, for it is knowledge, is not of fleeting life: it is the Man that was, that is, and will be for whom the hour shall never strike.” -- The Voice of the Silence, p. 34

  2. Sacred Passage • Many care providers would like to increase their knowledge and understanding about death and thereby become more compassionate and helpful caregivers to the dying. Tibetan Buddhism offers many powerful and coherent teachings about life and death that can be extremely helpful in overcoming the fear that arises when facing a dying person. At first glance many of these teachings may seem dauntingly unfamiliar. Yet the Tibetan Buddhist perspective is worth exploring in some detail, since it provides a complete and practical framework for understanding life, death, and the process of dying. While several of these concepts may challenge your existing beliefs, it is important to consider these new ideas with an open mind, since they offer an outstanding opportunity to deepen both personal and transpersonal knowledge about death and the process of dying. – p. 66 • Dependent Origination: The Truth of Impermanence • Whatever is born is impermanent and is bound to die. • Whatever is stored is impermanent and is bound to run out. • Whatever is joined is impermanent and is bound to come apart. • Whatever is b built is impermanent and is bound to collapse. • Whatever goes up is impermanent and is bound to fall down. -- Patrul Rinpoche, The Words of My Perfect Teacher, trans Padmakara Translation Group, Boston

  3. The Five Elements p. 81, Sacred Passage