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Perception Pertemuan 11

Perception Pertemuan 11. Matakuliah : J0384 – Perilaku Konsumen Tahun : Ganjil 2007/2008. BACKGROUND.

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Perception Pertemuan 11

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  1. PerceptionPertemuan 11 Matakuliah : J0384 – Perilaku Konsumen Tahun : Ganjil 2007/2008

  2. BACKGROUND Our perception is an approximation of reality. Our brain attempts to make sense out of the stimuli to which we are exposed. This works well, for example, when we "see" a friend three hundred feet away at his or her correct height; however, our perception is sometimes "off"—for example, certain shapes of ice cream containers look like they contain more than rectangular ones with the same volume.

  3. Scoping…. • The nature of perception • Exposure • Attention • Interpretation • The marketing application of the perception process

  4. Concept Perception is the critical activity that links the individual consumer to group, situation and marketer influences

  5. The nature of perception • Information processing : is a aseries of activities by which stimuli are transformed into information and stored

  6. EXPOSURE • Exposure involves the extent to which we encounter a stimulus. For example, we are exposed to numerous commercial messages while driving on the freeway: bill boards, radio advertisements, bumper-stickers on cars, and signs and banners placed at shopping malls that we pass. • Exposure occurs when a stimulus such as a billlboard comes within range of a person sensory receptor nerves – the optic nerve in the case of vision

  7. Exposure is not enough to significantly impact the individual—at least not based on a single trial (certain advertisements, or commercial exposures such as the "Swoosh" logo, are based on extensive repetition rather than much conscious attention).

  8. ATTENTION • Attention is needed. Attention is actually a matter of degree—our attention may be quite high when we read directions for getting an income tax refund, but low when commercials come on during a television program • Occurs when the receptor nerves pass the sensation on the brain for processing

  9. STIMULUS FACTORS Are physichal charasteristics of the stimulus it self. A number of stimulus charasterictics tend to attractour attention independently of our individual charasteristic Stimulus Factors : • Size and intensity • Colour and movement • Position • Isolation • Format • Compressed messages • Information quantity

  10. Individual factors • Individual factors • Situtational Factors • Situtation factors • Contrast

  11. INDIVIDUAL CHARASTERISTICS • Learning • Expectations • Situational charasteristics • Stimulus charasteristics

  12. PEPRCEPTION AND MARKETING STRATEGY • Retail Strategy • Bran name and logo development • Media Strategy • Advertisement and package design

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