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EMD Group. MEMS/Photonics and Nano/Electronic Materials. Electronic Materials Group. Graduate Student Orientation. Altan Ferendeci. Punit Boolchand. Marc Cahay. M.Cahay Research Areas. Field Emission from tips. Spintronics. P.Boolchand , University of Cincinnati

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EMD Group

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    1. EMD Group MEMS/Photonics and Nano/Electronic Materials

    2. Electronic Materials Group Graduate Student Orientation Altan Ferendeci Punit Boolchand Marc Cahay

    3. M.Cahay Research Areas Field Emission from tips Spintronics

    4. P.Boolchand, University of Cincinnati Supported by NSF grant DMR 08- 53957 Three generic structural phases of network glasses

    5. Model of an amorphous/crystalline Si interface, taken from F. Wooten, JNCS 114, 681 (1989).

    6. Each may have at its base a self-organized phase that endows these systems with unusual functionalities. PB, G.Lucovsky, J.C.Phillips and M.F.Thorpe, Phil. Mag.85, 3823 (2005). Window Glass Self-organization in oxide glass Computer Science Satisfiability Problems Electrical Eng. Thin-film gate dielectrics Intermediate phases in glasses Solid State Physics Pairing in Oxide Superconductors Biological Sciences Protein folding Functional Disordered networks

    7. University of Cincinnati Short Range Wireless Communications Altan M. Ferendeci Department of School of Electronics and Computing Systems Microwave and Millimeter Wave Communications Laboratory.

    8. On/off switching times UC-MEMS Switches Switch-up “on” Switch-down “off”

    9. Multilayer Transmitter Circuit Power Amplifier MEMS switched Phase Shifter MEMS switched T/R module Slotted Spiral Antenna with Wide-Bandwidth Balun Monolithically processed vertical posts or planes interconnecting the sub-units. Ground planes for circuit isolation. 3-D Multilayer MMIC

    10. Recommended Courses • 611 Microwave Communications (Fall) • 757 Semiconductor Physics (Fall) • 628 Nanoelectronics (Winter) • 758 Quantum Mechanics for EE (Winter) • 711 Millimeter Wave Electronics (Spring) • 810 Materials Characterization by Optical… (Spring) • 6 hrs of 780 (Self Study Research) • Seminar series (701,702,703) in Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter, respectively.

    11. Photonics and Nanostructures Group … and more! Graduate Student Orientation Joseph Boyd Fred R. Beyette Jason Heikenfeld Peter B. Kosel Stephen T. Kowel Thomas D. Mantei Andrew J. Steckl

    12. Research Areas • Photonic devices: LED's, lasers, waveguides, optical memory, displays • Organic light emitting devices • Photonic band gap-based waveguides, simulation of photonic waveguide devices • Plasma sources, plasma characterization, plasma etching, and plasma deposition • Anodic fiber bonding for telecommunications applications • High energy-density dielectrics, chalcopyrite semiconductor growth for photonics • MBE and MOCVD deposition of wide bandgap semiconductors • electrofluidics for tunable/switchable refractive and diffractive optics • optical tools for membrane science/sensing • carbon nanofiber arrays for biomimetic devices • electrowetting pixels for flat panel displays GO TO THE ECE WEBSITES!

    13. Research Interests

    14. Research Interests

    15. Current Research Activity in Photonic Waveguide Structures Joseph T. Boyd Photonic crystal structures Fabrication Low loss propagation Parabolic coupler Structures for efficient information processing Nano-slot photonic waveguides Fabrication Low loss propagation Enhanced field for efficient nonlinear interactions

    16. Novel Devices Laboratory • Applications in displays, lab-on-chip, optics (switchable lenses/prisms), reconfigurable antenna’s.. Etc… • UC is an academic leader in electrowetting (Steckl group also has an APL cover in EW!) 2005 2006 2007 2009 2010 2010 2010

    17. U. of Cincinnati - GaAs Devices & ICs Laboratory Current Research - Professor P B Kosel Cold Electron Sources PressureSensors Diamond-based Electronics High Temperature Electronics PCD capacitors PCD Diaphragm High temperature probing Chalcopyrite Semiconductor Devices Vapor Phase Transport Microwave Poly Preparation Photodetectors Film growth furnace Powder source in quartz ampoule University of Cincinnati

    18. Recommended Courses • 618 Microfabrication of Semiconductor Devices (Fall) • 648 Fundamentals of Optoelectronics (Fall) • 614 Photonic Information Processing Lab (Winter) • 641 Silicon Fab Lab or 697 Compound Semiconductor Fab Lab (Winter) • 652 Optical Communications (Spring) • 784 Advanced Semiconductor Lasers (Spring) • 6 hrs of 780 (Self Study Research) • Seminar series (701,702,703) in Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter, respectively.

    19. MEMs Group Graduate Student Orientation Chong Ahn Ian Papautsky

    20. Biochips and Lab on a Chip, BioMEMS and Microfluics Chong H. Ahn, Professor Microsystems and BioMEMS Laboratory School of Electronics and Computing Systems University of Cincinnati PO Box 210030 Cincinnati, OH 45221-0030, USA

    21. Smart Point-of-Care Diagnostics for Home Care or Emergency Room

    22. Inlet ports Biochemical sensors (underneath) sPROMs Biochip Analyzer for Multi-analyte Detection Air-bursting “Detonator” Watch & Display cap Wrist watch band Pressurized air bladders Microneedle array Action buttons Wristwatch Type Point-of-Care Testing Integrated Disposable Biochip Cartridge

    23. 150 um Integration of Disposable Smart Biochip Cartridge Pouch 200 um Waste chamber Biosensor array Mold injection Calibration pouch Rapid injection molding Integration of pouch AIBN Lateral metallic microneedle Microneedle Pressure source Integration of Metal needle AIBN heater Screen printing sPROMs (passive valve) Solid-propellant (AIBN) Techniques for MASS-PRODUCTION Biochemical sensor Wristwatch type Spray and screen printing

    24. Inertial Microfluidics Lift forces focus cells into equilibrium positions Dean drag disrupts equilibrium Size-dependant focusing Cells, blood, particles, bacteria Separation, filtration, concentration High-throughput (~1 million cells/min) Sheathlessflow cytometry Ian Papautsky, University of Cincinnati Bhagat et. al., Lab Chip, 2008 Bhagat et. al., Microfluid. Nanofluid., 2009 Kuntaegowdanahalliet. al., Lab Chip, 2009 Bhagat et. al., Biomed. Microdev., 2010

    25. Point-of-care electrochemical sensors Anodic stripping voltammetry Limits of detection below 1 nM Focus on detection of highly electronegative metals Bismuth working electrode surface Zn supplementation(Cincinnati Children’s Hospital) Zn strips at approx. -1.3V Range: 60~80 µg/dL and below Mn exposure Mn strips at approx. -1.6V Range: 4-14 µg/L Ian Papautsky, University of Cincinnati Jothimuthu et. al., IEEE Sensors, 2008;2009 Jothimuthu et. al., Biomed. Microdev., 2010; Wilson et. al., Electroanalysis, 2010

    26. Recommended Courses • (required) ECE 607  Introduction to Biomedical Microsystems (Fall)                                              • (required) ECE 608 Fundamentals of MEMS (Fall) • ECE 618 MicrofabricationSemicondutor (Fall) • ECE 757 Semiconductor Physics (Fall) • (required) ECE 641 Silicon Semiconductor Microfabrication Lab for MEMS (Winter) • (required) ECE 707 Biomedical MEMS (Winter) • ECE 771 Application of MEMS (Winter) • ECE 678 Micro/Nano Biochips Lab (Spring) • ECE 726 Biochip and Lab on a Chip (Spring) • ECE 732 Biosensors and Bioelectronics (Spring) • 6 hrs of 780 (Self Study Research) • Seminar series (701,702,703) in Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter, respectively.