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Electronic marketing

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Electronic marketing . Prepared by : Abed Alkareem Rafeek Alfarra Alaa Isam Heikal Moaz Mazen Elqudwa Supervised by : Rasha Atallah. objects. Introduction That is achieved in three steps Delivery Methods Choose product idea Information Internet Services

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Prepared by :

Abed Alkareem Rafeek Alfarra

Alaa Isam Heikal

Moaz Mazen Elqudwa

Supervised by :

Rasha Atallah

  • Introduction
  • That is achieved in three steps
  • Delivery Methods
  • Choose product idea
  • Information
  • Internet Services
  • Terms and tips to follow when you create the site
  • Build credibility
  • The rules of marketing through e-mail
  • List your company's instructions
  • Growing use of Internet around the world
  • Sun-mail marketing has become the necessities of life in our society today, Hundreds of millions of users access the Internet daily from all over the world, and in this sense we can exploit that opportunity and transforming the Internet into an open market a diverse audience to promote various goods and services, and achieve high profitability and beyond.
that is achieved in three steps
That is achieved in three steps :
  • To develop a good product
  • The development of a website
  • The marketing plan
to develop a good product
to develop a good product
  • Many believe that the creation of a new product, process difficult to achieve, but this is not true.
  • But through a special skills can make your product yourself.
  • The Web makes your window open to the world.
the development of a website
the development of a website
  • Website dedicated to the marketing of the product.
  • When you create a site visitor directly addressed.
the marketing plan
The marketing plan

The marketing plan here is made up of long-term policies and short-term.

  • short-term policies:

Whose main aim is increasing in popularity on the site

  • long-term policies:

They serve as a permanent site stream of visitors interested in your product

  • we must point out here that fit the marketing plan on a variety of policy short-and long-term demand for the site will ensure a lasting, permanent and growing number of visitors interested in your product, and it facilitates the process of converting them to customers and thereby increase sales.
delivery methods
Delivery Methods
  • Method of delivery of the product is very important, the best way is characterized by speed and do not depend on the interference of persons to complete.


Service sites that are not only the involvement of her entry.

choose product idea
Choose product idea:
  • The most difficult stage in product development is to determine the kind, and qualities of successful products on the Internet
  • Consumer Products
  • Eservices
  • Software
  • Information
  • Information in particular is a very popular product on the Internet is essentially the source of my information in the first place, and most users looking for information, so the sale of information is the most popular examples of electronic commerce and that the sale is in indirect ways, sometimes.
  • One of the best-selling types of information on the Internet, the educational information, which teaches how to make things, or talk about a particular topic in detail.
there are several other examples of selling information through the internet including
There are several other examples of selling information through the Internet, including:
  • Cooking recipes and desserts, art sewing and embroidery, gardening, ways of slimming, child-rearing.
  • Tips and answer specific questions demand: technical questions, legal advice, medical advice .
  • Evidence of business opportunities and addresses of some of the different places and shrines.
internet services
Internet Services:
  • Internet service is very profitable, it is obvious that these services are sold on the network:
  • Examples of these services:
  • Graphic design for websites or advertising material.
  • The development of websites.
  • E-marketing services.
  • Writing and Translation Services
terms and tips to follow when you create the site
Terms and tips to follow when you create the site
  • The beginning of the successful web design should be simple.
  • The site must be the origin of the language of the HTML, and is strictly prohibited to be the entire site building on the Flash.
  • Care should be taken also from the use of any items or software is not available on regular computers.
  • It also distracts, and put ads for other sites or links are not intended for the marketing of goods displayed on site.
  • Active graphic design used the less as the best.
build credibility
Build credibility
  • How can my son the credibility of my site?
  • Choose the name of the site on the Internet

The possession of a special name for your business, increases the confidence of the visitor to your site

  • Mailing address and contact information

Must be made to write data communication and mailing address and postal code and the commercial register on a special page

  • Page Company Profile

On this page you write a brief biography of the company,

  • Confidentiality

Internet sites and commercial sites in particular, the visitor requests personal or confidential information is sometimes

  • Certificate of clients

One of the best ways to build credibility with your customers is a testament themselves must

  • to ensure the recovery price of the product

One of the reasons that prevent the visitor from buying is concern that the value of the item less than the price

  • saw the client

Create a page to gather the opinions of your customers

the rules of marketing through e mail
The rules of marketing throughe-mail:
  • Obey the rules of writing e-mail messages.
  • Take preventive action to ensure the continuation of the company e-mail.
  • Guidance on the distribution list by typing the e-mail messages to the officials working with you
list your company s instructions
List your company's instructions


Because of its e-mail from the speed and ease of writing, many contend the information in the narrative and ignore the proper spelling and avoid inappropriate picture of you and your company and non-formal style required in the e-mail messages.

committed themselves to fit:

Usually address is registered company (domain name) in the e-mail messages sent from it


Do not be afraid to spread your message:

Unlike ordinary messages, facilitating the movement of e-mail message from one person to another, in the e-mail, move messages to various different people, but may move your message to express their personal opinion your boss at work to the director himself