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Speaking Tips

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This is Speaking Tips in the public.

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Speaking Tips

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speaking tips in the public2
Speaking Tips in the Public
  • Planning or Preparation
    • Voice – what you start out with and the sound it makes
    • Speech is what you do with sound (tone, volume, pace, pitch, articulation and pronunciation)
    • Get your voice ready
  • Writing for Speaking
    • You Will Probably Read Your Speech (or Glance At Notes)
    • If You Insist On Speaking From Memory
    • Do What Works Best For You

Mapping the content of your speech

    • The visible structure
    • Putting one foot before the other
    • Be concrete. Be metaphorical
    • Conclusion

4. The Audience

    • Young or old
    • High or low income
    • Educated or uneducated
    • What is the background
    • What mood are they likely to be in

Knowledge the occasion

    • Whether you are speaking at an academic, celebratory or solemn occasion
    • Whether you are only speaker at the event or whether you are one of several
    • At what stage of the proceedings you will be speaking

6. Knowledge the room

    • The size and the shape of the room
    • Whether or not there is a podium
    • Whether there is microphone
    • The type of technical assistance that is available to you

Using visual aids

    • Before you begin, make sure the slides can be seen clearly from every seat in the room
    • Keep demonstrating or materials simple
    • Keep the visuals simple
    • Make sure you speak to your audience and not to your slides
    • Heighten interest
    • Chose the right time to give out handouts
    • Practice your speech with all the visuals
  • Practice makes perfect

On the day you speech – Avoid panic!

    • Arrive early
    • Check everything
  • Body language and gestures
    • Posture
    • Make an effort to be aware of what you do with your hands
    • Gesturing with your head and arms is part and parcel of communicating
    • Dress
    • Eye contact
    • Controlling the nerves
    • Be confident

11. Mistakes

  • Mistakes are all right
  • Recovering from mistakes makes you appear from human
  • Good recovery puts your audience at ease – they identity you more

12. Interact with the audience - ask questions, get people involved - since people learn better when they are actively participating.

13. Humour

  • Tell jokes if you’re good at telling jokes
  • If you aren't good, best to leave the jokes behind

14. How to use the public speaking environment

  • Try not to get stuck in one place
  • Use all the space that available to you
  • Move around
  • One way to do this is to leave your notes in one place and move to another

15. Leave time for Questions & Answers and address everyone politely.