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Kate Gleason

Kate Gleason. A pioneer for women in engineering. Nicole Varble. http://www.winningthevote.org/KGleason2-big.html. Early Years. The Gleason Works Factory. Born Nov. 25 1865 William Gleason, father and owner of The Gleason Works Gleason Works becomes gateway to engineering.

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Kate Gleason

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  1. Kate Gleason A pioneer for women in engineering Nicole Varble http://www.winningthevote.org/KGleason2-big.html

  2. Early Years The Gleason Works Factory • Born Nov. 25 1865 • William Gleason, father and owner of The Gleason Works • Gleason Works becomes gateway to engineering Nicole Varble http://www.gleason.com/images/gleason1865.jpg

  3. Influences • William Gleason was said to “[have] a sympathetic interest in women’s emancipation and an evangelical zeal to acquaint his children- sons and daughters alike- to the marvels of engineering.” (Weingardt 107) • Susan B. Anthony: “…she impressed one fact upon me while I was growing up: Any advertising is good. Get praise if possible, blame if you have to. But never stop being talked about.” (Weingardt 108) Nicole Varble http://www.gleason.com/images/williamgleason.jpg http://ncwhs.oah.org/images/YoungSusanB.jpg

  4. 1877- Death of half brother breeds unfortunate opportunity • 1884 graduated high school • Cornell University, a state grant school • Called back to Rochester on account of “struggling company” • 1890 named Secretary and Treasurer of The Gleason Works • “Marie Curie of machine tools” (Weingardt 108) Nicole Varble

  5. The Journey • Remained at The Gleason Works until 1913 • 1914 joined Ingle Machine Company and demonstrated her business capabilities http://wally.rit.edu/Images/ritphotos/screen/00504.html Nicole Varble

  6. 1914 • German Engineering Society • 1916 • Rochester Chamber of Commerce • 1917 • Rochester Engineering Society • President of East Rochester National Bank • 1918 • American Society of Mechanical Engineers • 1919 • American Concrete Institute Nicole Varble http://www.winningthevote.org/KGleason3-big.html

  7. An Attitude for Success • “To be really happy you can not accept the easy berth; you must ever strike out into new industrial battle grounds.” (Ross) • “When I recall stories told to me by women struggling for a place in other professions, I insist that engineers are in a class apart.” (Weingardt 109) http://wally.rit.edu/Images/ritphotos/screen/00504.html Nicole Varble

  8. And Innovative Thought • “My girlish ambitions were fiercely personal. I felt keenly that girls in this world were accorded second place, and I resent being second.” (Bennett) • Her motto: “If I can I will.” (James 51) Nicole Varble

  9. Final Years • 1930 • World Power Conference in Germany as ASME representative • At age 65! • “I want to live until I’m one hundred and work until the last minute.” • Death in 1933 Nicole Varble http://www.gleason.com/history_tgw.html

  10. Lasting Legacy • 1929 • Land donated to RIT • 1947 • Kate Gleason Hall is dedicated • 1951 • Estate given to RIT by Gleason trustees • 1998 • Engineering Building named Kate Gleason College of Engineering http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c0/RIT_building_-_Kate_Gleason_Hall_with_Sundial.jpg/783px-RIT_building_-_Kate_Gleason_Hall_with_Sundial.jpg Nicole Varble http://www.csc.cs.colorado.edu/~matthew/rit/general/DSCN0920-l.jpg

  11. Nicole Varble

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