need vs want n.
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Need vs Want

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Need vs Want. Do you want it or do you need it?. Need + infinitive Need + noun. Need + infinitive or Need + object (noun) The students need to finish their homework. The class needs to speak less of their native language. The teacher needs a snack They need to go to the gym.

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need vs want

Need vs Want

Do you want it or do you need it?

need infinitive need noun
Need + infinitiveNeed + noun

Need + infinitive or Need + object (noun)

The students needto finish their homework.

The class needsto speak less of their native language.

The teacher needsa snack

They needto go to the gym.

I needa vacation.

She needsto review English grammar.

want vs need
Want vs Need?

Cell phone Cable TV

Massage new car

Learn English iPad

Go to college new computer

Go on vacation Fancy food

Learn another language new clothes

Go to the gym new shoes

Flat screen TV save money

want infinitive want noun
Want + infinitiveWant + noun

The students in CLIP class want tests and quizzes.

The students in clip want to do more homework.

The CLIP teacher wantsto hear English spoken in the classroom.

She doesn’t wantjunk food

The children wantice cream.

need is stronger than want need is very important
Need is stronger than want. Need is VERY important.

Need and want are always followed by a noun or an infinitive*.

*An infinitive = to + simple form of the verb.

Make true sentences using want and need.