synchrophasors in smart grid global market analysis and forecasts to 2015 l.
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Synchrophasors in Smart Grid

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New Smart Grid Investments Increase Demand for Synchrophasors

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New Smart Grid Investments Increase Demand for Synchrophasors

Smart grid technologies such as advanced metering infrastructure, demand response and home area network are gaining attention across the world. Synchrophasors are wide area measurement systems that enable measurement of voltage and current from different locations, providing a detailed view of the transmission system. Implementation of synchrophasors is expected to improve visibility and reliability of the electric grid for system operators. Therefore, synchrophasors have become an essential part of smart grid investment for utilities and transmission system operators.

Integration of Synchrophasor Measurement Capabilities in Protective Relays and Fault Recorders Increases Market Potential

Synchrophasors, when used as standalone device, required dedicated space and investment. Advanced technology has enabled the phasor measurement module (synchrophasor module) to be integrated with power control and monitoring devices such as protective relays and fault recorder devices. Most of the synchrophasor units that were installed in the last few years are integrated ones. Many models of protective relays, digital fault recorders and multi-function recorders manufactured by key vendors such as GE, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc, Arbiter and Qualitrol company llc. include the functionality of synchrophasors in them. The integration of synchrophasors with wide area protection devices increases its market potential.


Lack of Tools to Optimize the Usage of Synchrophasor Data Affect Market Growth

Currently, the key applications of synchrophasor data include grid visualization, power system monitoring and post-event analysis. While the synchrophasor data can be used to diagnose the health of the bulk power system, it cannot be used to take real-time remedial actions. This is because of the lack of tools that support the synchrophasor data. Department of Energy and several research organizations across the world are working towards integrating more applications to use synchrophasor data more effectively. Availability of these tools is likely to decide the large scale adoption of this technology.

Implementation of Synchrophasors to Gather Pace during 2010-2015

Currently, the technology of synchrophasors is at an early adoption stage and these units are deployed in small scale. The technology is acclaimed as the right solution by transmission system operators and smart grid entities. With the addition of new functionalities and application support, the synchrophasors market is expected to gain momentum during the period 2010-2015.

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