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Smart Grid Landscape in the US PowerPoint Presentation
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Smart Grid Landscape in the US

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Smart Grid Landscape in the US - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Favorable Government Policies to Attract Investments

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Smart Grid Landscape in the US - Market Size, Key Competitors, Regulations and Investment Analysis to 2015


Favorable Government Policies to Attract Investments

The US federal as well as state governments are providing various policy incentives for the development of smart grid. The US Energy Independence & Security Act 2007 is a policy driver in this regard. The other federal policy in favor of the smart grid is the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Existing companies and startups are expected to continually leverage on the growth of various smart grid related technologies which would further strengthen the value chain of smart grid ecosystem and will also play a key role in creating new jobs.

Private Equity/Venture Capital Continues to be Key to Financing Activities for Startups in the Smart Grid Area

Private equity (PE), venture capital (VC) and public offerings emerged as the major sources for fund raising. The announced deals show an increasing trend, growing annually from 2008. The ever increasing fund raising activities indicate the confidence of investors in companies related to smart grid deployment. PE and VC funds are sought by startups to expand their niche business solutions. GlobalData anticipates that the funding trend is expected to continue for the coming years as the role of niche startups is expected to widen by leveraging on the growth opportunities around smart grid.


Increasing Merger and Acquisition Activities

There has been a significant rise in the number of announced M&A deals, which increased significantly in 2010 in comparison with 2009. Vendors of every size are keen to leverage on the thriving business opportunities in the smart grid. Large scale acquisitions were triggered by leading vendors who have significant presence in the smart grid industry. Acquisitions are mostly focused on niche vendors with expertise in certain technological areas. Some notable examples include EnerNOC’s acquisition of SmallFoot, a niche player in wireless demand control solutions.

Lack of Proper Business Cases Conveying the Full Benefits of Smart Grid

Lack of proper business cases is one of the key problems the industry is facing. The issue is more persistent for large projects, in order to understand the capital required and return on investment to execute these projects.

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Successful business cases in key smart grid areas such as advanced metering, home area networks, and distribution automation are fundamental to convince the utilities and state government to go for smart grid implementation.

Consumers Still Wary About the Benefits of Smart Grid

The end customers may not be willing to get involved in the smart grid implementation process. Implementation of smart grid requires significant involvement of customers at the residential level as well as at the industrial/commercial level. Given that smart grid technology can capture end consumer electric consumption every 15 minutes, user groups and various state governments have already raised issues concerning the privacy of data. The growth potential is highly dependent on consumer participation, meaning that power companies and service providers in this area should increase their efforts to convey a clear message on the cost benefits of using smart grid in the minds of the end consumers.

GlobalData’s new report “Smart Grid Landscape in the US – Market Size, Key Competitors, Regulations and Investment Analysis to 2015” provides a detailed overview of the US smart grid market, covering recent developments and other factors which have direct and indirect impacts on the smart grid market. The report covers the leading technologies and US states which won


major funding from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) for smart grid, and the kind of projects which received major grants. The report provides a detailed market analysis of key smart grid technologies such as smart meters, meter data management, home area networks, vehicle to grid and synchrophasors in the US market. The report includes various aspects which determine the growth of the smart grid technology and also the issues which currently block the growth of this technology, such as development of standards, interoperability issues, job creation and so on.

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