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External Defibrillators

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External Defibrillators - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Global External Defibrillator Market is Forecast to Exceed $2 billion by 2016.External Defibrillators, Medical Devices, Healthcare, Sudden Cardiac Arrest

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External Defibrillators

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External Defibrillators - Global Opportunity Assessment, Competitive Landscape and Market Forecasts to 2016


The Global External Defibrillator Market is Forecast to Exceed $2 billion by 2016.

The global market for external defibrillators, which was valued $1.6 billion in 2009, is forecast to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6% over the period 2009-2016 to reach $2.4 billion by 2016. The market for manual defibrillators used in hospital set ups will grow at a rate of 5% to about $1.1 billion, while the professional Automated External Defibrillator (AED) market is expected to marginally surpass the former to reach about $1.1 billion with a CAGR of 7%. Public access AEDs will continue to be the fastest growing segment in this market, growing at a rate of around 7.5% to about $264m by 2016. The expected growth in the global external defibrillator market can be attributed to high global incidence rates of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), government legislations promoting external defibrillator installation programs and opportunities for penetration in emerging markets.

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Medtronic, Inc., ZOLL Medical Corporation and Philips Healthcare are the Major Players in the External Defibrillator Market

The global external defibrillator market is dominated by Medtronic, Inc., ZOLL Medical Corporation and Philips Healthcare, with market shares of 23%, 20% and 20% respectively. Fukuda Denshi, Nihon Kohden and Welch Allyn, with shares of 9%, 8% and 7% respectively, are the other key players in this market. Most of the major players currently rely on large scale AED installation contracts for revenue generation from this market. The limited scope of technological advancement in manual defibrillators has resulted in reduced focus in Research and Development (R&D) by the companies. Most of the current development is underway to bring simpler home-based defibrillators into this market, although the absence of any significant pipeline products implies the saturation of the market in terms of technological growth.

Large Scale Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Programs to Promote SCA Survival Provides Major Impetus to the Growth of the External Defibrillator Market

Large-scale contracts for the public installation of AEDs have been the primary mode to prevent fatal outcomes from SCAs. Guidelines from the American Heart Association (AHA) and resuscitation councils of countries worldwide provide evidence to support the necessity of widespread AED installations and response training to improve survival rates from SCA.


Survival could increase from as low as 5% to about 48–74% if the patient is provided with the first shock within three to five minutes. These guidelines and increasing public awareness have been instrumental in pushing government legislation mandating initiatives to install AEDs at all high risk public places, and at the same time to equip hospitals and Emergency Medical Support (EMS) teams with the minimum number of required defibrillators. With these public installation programs becoming increasingly popular in the developed markets of the US, the European Union (EU) and Japan, the emerging markets of Brazil, India and China are slowly catching up. Given the need for public installations in proportion to the population, largely under-penetrated emerging markets will play a big role in shaping the growth of this market in the future.

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The US and Japan are the Largest Markets for External Defibrillators

The US external defibrillator market, valued at around $700m in 2009, is the largest market by region for these devices. The high incidence rate of SCA in the US is the major reason for the increased focus of the government and other medical associations on these devices. This market saw rapid growth over the last decade because of large scale programs for public access to AEDs. Regulations for such installations were passed in all 50 states of the US, which included the increased availability of external defibrillators with hospitals and EMS.

The second largest market by revenue, Japan had revenues worth $242m in 2009. Legislations were passed in Japan in 2004 for large scale installations of AEDs following the unexpected deaths of people due to SCA. The government of Japan went further by enabling the use of these devices by untrained bystanders, thus spurring rapid growth during the period 2004-2008.

GlobalData’s new report, “External Defibrillators - Global Pipeline Analysis, Opportunity Assessment and Market Forecasts to 2016” provides key data, information and analysis on the global external defibrillators market. The report provides market landscape, competitive landscape and market trends information the external defibrillators market.


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