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Diesel and Gas Generator Market PowerPoint Presentation
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Diesel and Gas Generator Market

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Diesel and Gas Generator Market - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Growing Power Generator Market in Asian and African Continents

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Diesel and Gas Generator Market

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    1. Diesel and Gas Generator Market - Global Market Size, Equipment Market Share and Competitive Landscape Analysis to 2020

    2. Growing Power Generator Market in Asian and African Continents Power backup is a major requirement for all the economies, whether developing or developed. The developed nations do not face a major demand-supply gap in electricity. However, stability of systems is of prime importance in these nations as even momentary interruptions in power supply may lead to heavy losses to their economies. The developing nations on the other hand, face a big electricity demand and supply gap. With the exponentially growing investments across various sectors in these countries, the need for a strong power backup becomes imperative. Generators are a major source of power backup worldwide and this market has been on a rising trend in the past few decades. Telecom and construction industries are expected to drive the power generator market in the coming years. The global power generator expanded from $10,695m in 2005 to $11,473m in 2010. While recession had its impact, lowering growth rate of the market, high electricity demand boosted the market, and a quick rebound was seen by 2010. North America and Europe have historically been experiencing high growth in the power generator market in the past. However, with the rapidly decreasing gap between demand and supply of electricity and better connected power grids, the scope of growth in these markets has been declining. It is expected

    3. that in future, the Asian and African continents, Latin American countries and the Middle East would be the focal points for growth of the power generator market. The increasing gap in demand and supply of electricity is a prominent driver of this market in the developing world. Increasing focus on Gas Generators Generators are highly regulated by emission control norms across the globe. Thus, the diesel generator market is on a declining phase in most of the countries. Diesel generators face competition, not only from gas generators but also fuel cells, and bio fuel based equipment. It is seen that diesel generators which constituted 81% of the global generator market witnessed a decline in demand and their percentage share dropped to 69% in 2010. Share of gas generators, increased by 12% in the global market in five years, 2005-2010. The old diesel based products had to be rolled back from most of the countries in the North America and Europe. Though the lesser regulated regions might serve as a potential market to the companies dealing in diesel generators in the near term, there exists a strong need to focus on products complying with the norms. This gives a way to gas generators to hold a large chunk of market in future In North America the generators are mandated to meet certain emission standards known as the tier 4 regulation. Similarly the European Union also has common standards followed across its member states subdivided into Stages I

    4. to IV. China and India have their standards to regulate emissions as well as noise pollutions in sync with the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and European Standards. Thus gas generators with variety of environmentally suitable fuels are expected to drive the generator market in the future. Key Players in the Generator Market Caterpillar Inc and Cummins Power Generation are the two most prominent players in the global generator market. Europe and Asia-Pacific (APAC) also have a number of regional players in this market. Shengdong Group and Shenzhen Yicheong Jichai Power Co are some of the major players from China. The European market is dominated by GE Jenbcaher, in addition to, Caterpillar and Cummins accounting for a large market share in the market. GlobalData’s “Diesel and Gas Generator Market - Global Market Size, Equipment Market Share and Competitive Landscape Analysis to 2020” gives detailed information on the Global Diesel and Gas Generator market and provides historical and forecast numbers for revenues up to 2020. The research analyzes trends in the global Diesel and Gas Generator market and also detailed analysis for the leading countries in diesel and gas generator business. This coupled with competitive benchmarking of the top market participants provides a comprehensive understanding of the market’s competitive scenario.

    5. For further details, please click or add the below link to your browser: Visit our report store: For more details contact: North America: +1 646 395 5477 Europe: +44 207 753 4299 +44 1204 543 533 Asia Pacific: +91 40 6616 6782