candidiasis drug pipeline analysis and market forecasts to 2016 l.
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Candidiasis - Drug Pipeline Analysis and Market Forecasts to

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Candidiasis - Drug Pipeline Analysis and Market Forecasts to - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Candidiasis Market is Forecast to Grow at a Moderate Rate Between 2009 and 2016

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The Candidiasis Market is Forecast to Grow at a Moderate Rate Between 2009 and 2016

GlobalData forecasts the global candidiasis market to grow at 5.9% annually for the next seven years to reach $2,386m by 2016. It was valued at $1,592m in 2009. This moderate growth will primarily be supported by an increase in the disease incidence rate and the launch of two promising pipeline molecules during the forecast period. The growth of the candidiasis market during the forecast period will not be much higher than the rate at which it grew between 2001 and 2009. This is primarily attributed to two reasons. First, the candidiasis market is dominated by generic products which generate less revenue per unit volume sold. Second, the pipeline of the candidiasis market is weak with a small number of molecules across different stages of development. However, the continued uptake of the currently marketed products and the launch of some of the late-stage pipeline molecules will sustain market growth during the forecast period.

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Current Treatment Options with High Efficacy and Safety are Successful in Meeting Market Demand

GlobalData’s analysis has found that the current competition in the candidiasis market is strong. The current candidiasis market landscape has more than 10 marketed products. The marketed products fall under three different classes: azoles, polyenes and echinocandins. Polyenes and azoles are some of the oldest classes of drugs being used in the treatment of different types of Candida infection. The drugs from these classes are quite successful in meeting the therapeutic needs of the market and have first rate efficacy and safety profiles. Moreover, these drugs are available in different dosage forms and have high patient compliance rates. Echinocandins are available in an intravenous dosage form and have medium to high efficacy in the treatment of serious Candida infections such as invasive candidiasis, esophageal candidiasis and systemic candidiasis. Furthermore, all the products are able to cure the Candida


infection in most of the cases. Because the current treatment options offer high clinical and safety standards and successfully meet the market demands, the unmet need in the candidiasis market is low.

A Weak Pipeline with Few Molecules Across Various Developmental Stages

GlobalData’s analysis suggests that the pipeline for candidiasis is weak. There are seven molecules in the current pipeline. Of them, approximately 43% are in regulatory filing and Phase III, 14% are in Phase II and the remaining 43% are in the Phase I clinical stage. With only three molecules, the late-stage clinical development pipeline is very weak. Among these, Mycograb and Isavuconazole have some advantages over the current therapy for serious fungal infections. Mycograb is likely to receive regulatory approval in the near future. However, the drug is mainly targeted at the patients with serious fungal infections, which does not form a major portion of the candidiasis market. This means that the entry of the drug will not have a strong impact on market growth. Apart from this, the late-stage pipeline has one combination product.

The early-stage pipeline has one vaccine which showed positive results in its preclinical studies. It may take approximately seven to nine years for these drugs to enter the market. However, once they enter the market, they are expected to significantly affect the growth of the market.

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Candidiasis Market is Expected to Witness a Market Share War

The current candidiasis market is highly competitive with more than 10 marketed products. The market has a mix of generics and branded products. The generic products dominate and cater to a larger portion of the market. As the currently marketed products offer a cure with a high safety and tolerability profile, there is strong competition among these products which will make it hard for new entrants. The unmet need in the candidiasis market is low which implies that the new entrants will have a small


pocket to capture market share. The new entrants will be forced to compete within a small market space. This will trigger a market share war scenario among the currently marketed products and new entrants.

GlobalData, the industry analysis specialist, has released its latest report, “Candidiasis - Drug Pipeline Analysis and Market Forecasts to 2016”, which provides the key data, information and analysis on the candidiasis market. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the annualized market data from 2001 to 2009, and forecast seven years to 2016. The research also includes market characterization, opportunities, the unmet needs associated with candidiasis, a competitive assessment, the product profiles of the major marketed products and the promising drugs in the pipeline, an overview of the discontinued projects, the implications for the future market competition, and the key players in the candidiasis market.

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