International Conference on Sexual Violence
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International Conference on Sexual Violence Hosted by SKOTTUR an umbrella organisation for 20 Women s Organisations H - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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International Conference on Sexual Violence Hosted by SKOTTUR an umbrella organisation for 20 Women’s Organisations Háskólabíó by Hagatorg 25 - 26 October 2010 Reykjavik, ICELAND. Women Strike Back. Gender Violence in Africa . Prostitution and Trafficking in Select African Countries.

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International Conference on Sexual ViolenceHosted by SKOTTUR an umbrella organisation for 20 Women’s OrganisationsHáskólabíó by Hagatorg25 - 26 October 2010Reykjavik, ICELAND

Women Strike Back

Gender violence in africa l.jpg

Gender Violence in Africa

Prostitution and Trafficking in Select African Countries



Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW International)

Gender and violence in the african context nigeria as a case study l.jpg
Gender and Violence in the AfricanContext: Nigeria as a Case Study

  • Gender structures in Nigeria

    ► Gender Roles and Structures

    ► Marriage, Family, social interactions and kin relations in Nigeria:

  • Polygamy and Family Life

  • Women’s Role in the Family

  • - The Girl Child in Nigeria

  • ► Culture as Violence

  • Female genital Mutilation

  • Widowhood Practices

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Violence Against Women

  • InfluenceofColonialism

  • Polygamy

  • TraditionalNorms and Practices

  • The Roleof the Church

  • Witchcraft

  • Prostitution and Trafficking

Prostitution and trafficking in nigeria l.jpg
Prostitution and Trafficking in Nigeria

  • Traditional Attitude to Prostitution

  • Traditional Norms and Practices which encourage prostitution and Trafficking

  • Modern attitudes to prostitution and Trafficking

  • Geographicaldistributionoftrafficking in Nigeria

Trafficking of nigerian women for sexual exploitation l.jpg
TraffickingofNigerian Women forSexualExploitation

► VictimRecruitmentProcess

► Voodoo practices and departureforEurope

► TraffickingofNigerian women and girlstoEuropeforSexualExploitation

Voodoo and trafficking in persons 1 l.jpg
Voodoo and Trafficking in persons 1

  • The voodoo culture in Nigeria

  • The importanceof voodoo in the traffickingprocess

  • Impact of voodoo practices on victims

    ► Psychological impact

    ► Physical, mental and emotional impact

Voodoo and trafficking in persons 2 l.jpg
Voodoo and Trafficking in persons 2

  • Voodoo as a hindrancetovictimprotection and ‘restitution’

  • Voodoo as a hindranceto the arrest and prosecutionoftraffickers

Addressing voodoo in the assistance and treatment of victims l.jpg
Addressing Voodoo in the Assistance and Treatment ofVictims

  • Cultural information and educationofvictims

    ► Traffickers and voodoo practises

    ►“Erhinmwinbu’eku” – responseoftraditionaldoctors and voodoo practitionerstouseof ‘juju’ in trafficking

    ► Assistingvictimstoovercome and handle voodoo

    ► Cultural Mediation and Ethnopsychiatry in VictimAssistance

Addressing the problem of trafficking in persons l.jpg
Addressing the problemoftrafficking in Persons

  • PoliciestocontrastTrafficking in persons

  • US TIP Reports and its Impact

  • DestinationCountries’ Policies on Trafficking in Persons

  • ItalianArticle 18 and its Impact on trafficking in Persons

  • Nigerian National Agencyfor the ProhibitionofTrafficking in Persons (NAPTIP)

Additional measures to combat trafficking the need to network in fighting trafficking in persons l.jpg
AdditionalMeasuresto Combat Trafficking: The needto network in FightingTrafficking in Persons

  • ImportanceofCollaborationbetweenCountriesofOrigin, TransitCountries and CountriesofDestination

  • WhyNetworkingisimportant

  • Levelsofnetworks and examples: Social, Geographical and PoliticalNetworks

  • Impact ofnetworking on Traficking

Trafficking for sexual exploitation l.jpg

  • Conclusion :

    Prerequisitesfor the eliminationoftrafficking in persons include:

  • Addressing the demandforpaidsexualservices

  • Addressing the economic and financialimbalances in the global economy

  • Addressing gender issues and workingforreal gender equality

  • Questions and Answers

Associazione iroko onlus l.jpg

Iroko is a multi-cultural NGO, providing services to victims of human trafficking, domestic violence and their children. Iroko is an affiliate of the Coalition against Trafficking in Women and fully shares its policies.

Associazione iroko onlus14 l.jpg

Over the last decade IROKO has assisted a growing number of victims of human trafficking, most of whom have also been subjected to domestic violence.

Coalition against trafficking in women catw l.jpg
Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW)

The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women is an international NGO, with consultative status to the UN’s ECOSOC.

Since 1988, the Coalition has worked against human trafficking as a form of gender violence and as a severe violations of human rights.