Understanding equations
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Understanding Equations. Using the RAD model for presenting a lesson about equations. R is for Reach. Lesson Step . How it’s neuro -logical. Novel event and prediction capture attention and reduce math anxiety.

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Understanding equations

Understanding Equations

Using the RAD model for presenting a lesson about equations

R is for reach
R is for Reach

Lesson Step

How it’s neuro-logical

Novel event and prediction capture attention and reduce math anxiety.

  • Students see a packet of EQUAL sweetener on their desk. They make a prediction about the lesson on their whiteboards.

Reach further
Reach Further

Lesson Step

Why it’s neuro-logical

Another strategy to introduce novelty.

  • Animoto about equality

  • Students redefine their prediction about the subject of the lesson.

A is for attitude
A is for Attitude

Lesson Step

Why it’s neuro-logical

It’s a real world connection and it helps eliminate stress about math.

Reading aloud also eliminates stress.

  • Telling a narrative about the man who invented the equals sign.

Robert recorde
Robert Recorde

Once upon a time, in 1557, there was a mathematician named Robert Recorde, who was lazy. He was tired of writing equations because he hated writing the three little words “is equal to” over and over again. He decided to invent a symbol for the word equal. He choose two horizontal, parallel lines because he believed no two things could be more equalle (that is the way equal was spelled back then. At first, the symbol didn’t catch on (no face book back then)….. It took until the seventeen hundreds that mathematicians used his wonderful invention. As for Robert, he died in debtor’s prison so maybe he was really lazy.

D is for developing memory with dopamine
D is for developing memorywith Dopamine

Lesson Step

Why It’s Neuro-logical

Interacting and collaborating with classmates stimulates dopamine. Choices in presentation increases dopamine levels.

Teacher introduces the concept of equations and demonstrates how they are written. Teacher also differentiates between expressions and equations.

Students will work in groups to model and create equations

Dend write

Lesson part

Why it’s neuro-logical

Dend writes help solidify learning and help the teacher plan for their needs.

  • Students will fill in an index card with dend write #7: What you understood today that you haven’t understood today and something you are confused about or find difficult.