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sweetie cakes

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sweetie cakes

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  1. My teacher calls me “_____________"My classmates think it's funnyto hear her call me "angel face"or "pookie bear" or “_______"She calls me "precious baby doll."She calls me “____________"or “_______monster" or “__________"or "darling butterfly."This class is so embarrassing,I need to find another--just any class at allin which the teacher's not my mother. sweetie cakes honey pumpkin pie cookie honey bun

  2. Do you have a sweet tooth?


  4. Put the words in the right category chocolate ham milk chicken sausages juice cheese yoghurt pizza bread carp apples butter tomatoes water potatoes carrots coffee lemonade soup

  5. We are what we eat!Read the text and be ready to describe the inside of the fridges

  6. We Are What We Eat Your fridge can say a lot about you, about your tastes and habits. “Your Home” asks food expert Tom Brown to describe the fridges of three readers. A There is not much food in this fridge but it is healthy. There’s a lot of mineral water– very healthy! I can see apples, some redpeppers, some cucumbers and tomatoes and a melon. I think this person is a vegan. There is no milk or cheese. I can’t see any meat in the fridge. He/She has a balanced diet. BThere is too much food in this fridge. This person loves cooking. There are twenty eggs, some salad, meat and some sausages in it. There is a lot to drink: some wine and a lot of fruitjuice. This person loves food but it isn’t healthy. C This person eats to live. There is not much food in the fridge. There is some butter, a bar of chocolate and a little chocolatecake. This person has a sweet tooth. I can’t see any vegetables or freshfruit. This person is very lazy and doesn’t cook.

  7. There is…There are… There is no…There are no… There isn’t… (any, much…) There aren’t… (any, many…) Is there … (any, much…)?Are there … (any, many…)?

  8. a student • a doctor • a family with • teenage kids

  9. Healthy mind in a healthy body