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Bugzy the Lonely Alien

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Bugzy the Lonely Alien

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  1. Bugzy the Lonely Alien By: Taylor Mares

  2. Chapter 1 Pg. 1 One Day in the land of Jupiter, a little lonely alien named Bugzy was sitting on a volcanic rock. Bugzy had no alien friends everyone thought he was a weirdy.

  3. Chapter 1 Pg. 2  Bugzy was a really friendly alien. All he ever wanted was to have friends that he could play with. He would always watch all the other aliens playing their alien games. Unfortunately, he was always alone all the time.

  4. Chapter 1 Pg. 3 Then on one really hot Jupiter day, a spaceship from earth came and landed where Bugzy would sit. On the spaceship, their were 2 astronauts, a really pretty woman astronaut named Bella and a hairy monkey named Cullen.

  5. Hello ! Chapter 2 Pg. 4 When Bugzy first saw them he was nervous but then thought “These could be my new friends.” Nobody ever in his planet had ever been friends with astronauts. Bella came and introduced herself to Bugzy.

  6. “Hello my name is Bella and this is Cullen my talking monkey, We come in peace, We are from the planet earth” Chapter 2 Pg. 5 “Hello my name is Bella and this is Cullen my talking monkey, We come in peace, We are from the planet earth” said Bella. “Hi I’m Bugzy, Do you guys want to my friend?” said Bugzy. “Of course, Can you show us around your planet?” said Bella.

  7. Chapter 2 Pg. 6 “Yes, you guys are my friends” said Bugzy. Bugzy took Bella and Cullen around everywhere. He took them to the supermarket, water park, and to eat at his favorite restaurant Jupacafe’.

  8. “Look, at my friends”!!! Chapter 3 Pg. 7 Bugzy loved his new friends; he showed them off to all the alien kids who were all really jealous. Bella and Cullen had so much fun and were sad that they had to leave.

  9. Chapter 3 Pg. 8 When the day ended they had to say their goodbyes. Bugzy was so sad that his only friends were going to leave him. Bella and Cullen promised they would come back and visit. Bugzy cried as he watched the spaceship leave.

  10. Chapter 4 Pg. 9 The next day, Bugzy was sitting on his volcanic rock thinking about how much fun he had with his new best friends. When all the alien kids came to ask about them, he told them everything they did together. They all listened in fascination, now they all wanted to be Bugzy’s friends.

  11. Chapter 4 Pg. 10 At the end of the day, Bugzy had become popular amongst the alien kids and had two astronaut best friends. Everyone needs to be nice to everyone; you never know what’s going to happen.

  12. THE END