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Windenergy. Maria V ibeke Jonas Linda. Rapid growth predicted in the global wind energy market. Annual new installations worldwide will increase from 20 000 MW to 107 000 MW in the next ten years Globally, there could be some 718 000 MW installed wind capacity by 2017. Assets.

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    1. Windenergy Maria Vibeke Jonas Linda

    2. Rapid growth predicted in the global wind energy market

    3. Annual new installations worldwide will increase from 20 000 MW to 107 000 MW in the next ten yearsGlobally, there could be some 718 000 MW installed wind capacity by 2017.

    4. Assets • Wind is free, wind farms need no fuel. • Produces no waste or greenhouse gases. • The land beneath can usually still be used for farming. • Wind farms can be tourist attractions. • A good method of supplying energy to remote areas. • Having said that, as aerodynamic designs have improved modern wind farms are much quieter. A lot quieter than, say, a fossil fuel power station; and wind farms tend not to be close to residential areas anyway. The small modern wind generators used on boats and caravans make hardly any sound at all.

    5. Drawbacks • The wind is not always predictable - some days have no wind. • Suitable areas for wind farms are often near the coast, where land is expensive. • Some people feel that covering the landscape with these towers is unsightly. • Can kill birds - migrating flocks tend to like strong winds.However, this is rare, and we tend not to build wind farms on migratory routes anyway. • Can affect television reception if you live nearby. • Can be noisy. Wind generators have a reputation for making a constant, low, "swooshing" noise day and night, which can drive you nuts. • Too much wind is bad as well • Wind turbine developments on land are quite commonly met with anger from local residents. • This is primarily down to the "NIMBY" factor, which for those of you who don't know, is a term for the phrase "not in my backyard".

    6. Growth in Global Wind Power Installed Capacity Top Ten Wind Energy Producing Countries, 2006

    7. ComparisonbetweenNorway & Germany

    8. Areas in whichit‘sexpedienttosetwindparks. Europe Worldwide

    9. The future?

    10. Containershipspulledbyhugecanvas-alreadyreality!-

    11. The Magenn Air Rotor System (MARS) Magenn Power plans to ship their first official product, a 10 to 25kW version in the later part of 2009/10.

    12. Advantages • low cost electricity - under 15 cents per kWh • lower noise • wide range of wind speeds - 2 to more than 28 meters/second • higher altitudes - from 200 to 1,000 feet above ground level are possible without expensive towers or cranes • fewer limits on placement location - coast line placement is not necessary • ability to install closer to the power grid • mobile • ideal for off grid applications or where power is not reliable.