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DIVISION OF SCHOOL HEALTH. WEB-BASED REPORTING OF SCHOOL HEALTH SERVICES . Jon Dale, M.S. Director Martie Drager, Administrative Officer March 23, 2006. Pennsylvania Public School Code of 1949. Act of 1949, P.L.30, No.14. Article XIV School Health Services Section 1408 Reports.

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  1. DIVISION OF SCHOOL HEALTH WEB-BASED REPORTING OF SCHOOL HEALTH SERVICES Jon Dale, M.S. Director Martie Drager, Administrative Officer March 23, 2006

  2. Pennsylvania Public School Code of 1949 Act of 1949, P.L.30, No.14

  3. Article XIVSchool Health ServicesSection 1408 Reports Every school district in this Commonwealth… shall file with the Secretary of Health and/or the Secretary of Education such reports as required by the regulations of the two departments.

  4. Article XXVReimbursement by Commonwealth and Between School DistrictsSection 2505.1State Reimbursement for Health Services

  5. (a) Every school district …which renders health services…shall be reimbursed by the Commonwealth…for services which conform to standards approved by the Secretary of Health.(b) Reimbursement …may be withheld by the Secretary of Health unless the actual expenditures for the health services are certified to the Secretary of Health within three months after the end of the school year…

  6. Pennsylvania CodeTitle 28. Health and SafetyHealth Department Part III. Prevention of Diseases Chapter 23. School Health Subchapter Section General Provisions……………….. 23.1 School Nurses Services…………... 23.51 Immunizations……………………. 23.81

  7. Subchapter A.General ProvisionsSection 23.28 Application • Application for reimbursement shall be made to the Department of Health within three months after the end of the school year… • Be accompanied by a certified statement in detail of the amounts actually spent for medical and dental services

  8. Subchapter B.School Nurse ServicesSection 23.61 Maximum Reimbursement (a) Reimbursement for school nurse services by the Department of Health shall be made to the school district annually…

  9. Application = Request for Reimbursement and Report of School Health ServicesRevised 2006(a.k.a. Annual School Health Report)

  10. Request for Reimbursement and Reportof School Health ServicesPurpose • Mechanism for school districts to document provision of health services and receive reimbursement. • Method for DOH to monitor compliance. • Means to obtain information about school health programs. • health service utilization • student health status • selected nursing activity

  11. Who must submit a report? • All 501 public school districts • All 117 + Charter Schools • 11 Comprehensive Vocational-Technical Schools

  12. New electronic reporting via web-based application SHARRS School Health Annual Reimbursement Request System

  13. FEATURES OF SYSTEM • Elimination of hardcopy documentation • Reports processed electronically • Invoice generation • Automatic data entry • Compliance tracking • Administrative & accounting controls

  14. FEATURES (CONT.) • Pre-loaded information • School district ability to transmit & track reimbursement request • Error messages and HELP ME tabs • Ability to e-mail Div. of School Health • Access copy of invoice • Security measures will be in place

  15. SHARRS Current status • Production near completion • Pilot testing Spring 2006 • Internal testing • External testing with schools • Available for SY 05-06 (encouraged but not mandatory) after August 1, 2006 • Eventually mandatory

  16. SHARRS • Hardcopy template (w/ revisions) mailed Spring 2005 (Draft advance copy) • Instruction Manual for Annual School Health Report & Security Approver info mailed Feb. 2006; DOH receiving school SA info now • After May 1, 2006, DOH will provide SHARRS website URL and assign User ID and Temporary Password, via e-mail, to Security Approver ONLY • May 2006 mailing • Final hardcopy report • SHARRS User’s Manual • Security Approver User’s Manual • Educational institution will NOT be able to submit report to DOH until after August 1, 2006

  17. SHARRS SECURITY APPROVER ROLE • Only 1 user account can be established • Account will be activated for Security Approver ONLY • Security Approver may access system after June 1, 2006 only to: • Log in to system (will require temporary password to be changed to confidential password) • Create other User Accounts • Data Entry • Business Manager • Superintendent/CEO • Can not enter data or submit reports

  18. SHARRS DATA ENTRY ROLE • Only 5 user accounts can be established • Enters financial & demographic data • Subsequent revisions • View and print reports • Can not access system until after August 1, 2006

  19. SHARRS BUSINESS MANAGER ROLE • Only 3 user accounts can be established • All functions of Data Entry role • View and print payment vouchers • Can not access system until after August 1, 2006

  20. SHARRS SUPERINTENDENT/CEO ROLE • Only 1 user account can be established • All functions of Data Entry and Business Manager roles • Certifies and submits report and subsequent revisions • Can not access system until after August 1, 2006

  21. SHARRS • NOT a fully integrated system w/ school computer systems • Data imports from schools NOT currently a viable solution – SHARRS designed for manual data entry via Internet • Post-production, DOH can review need for development of an electronic data transfer system using a prescribed interchange format

  22. Proposed Changes to Report • Elimination of numerous fields in some sections (nursing services, chronic diseases, and medication adm. fields). • Changes to some fields (BMI ranges for growth screen, serious injuries expanded). • Addition of some fields to collect specific information (itemized list of expenditures).

  23. The items in the drop down menu are displayed here. The items in the Special Dental Services drop down menu are displayed here.

  24. 01 Special Medical, Diagnostic & Treatment Services If claiming costs for psychological assessments and evaluations, only those for medical reasons are eligible, not those performed for academic placement. DO NOT claim health care provider costs to perform athletic examinations or to support school athletic programs. See Instruction Manual, Page 3, for a complete description of this section. 02 Medical Supplies, Equipment, Lab Services & Educational Materials Copies of invoices or itemized lists of expenditures are no longer required to be submitted. This documentation should remain on file for future auditing purposes. ALL first aid supplies used in conjunction with the School Health program are eligible to be claimed for reimbursement. DO NOT claim expenses related to the District’s sports/athletic program. Non-reimbursable items include capital equipment such as office furniture, including filing cabinets; window treatments; typewriters; computer hardware, software, and technical support; professional membership fees, etc. See Instruction Manual, Page 3, for a complete description of this section.

  25. Alternative Students

  26. Counting half time ADMs for AVTS students. Should claim one ADM per student. Including psychological evals. for academic placements under Special Examinations. Only psychological evals. for medical reasons are reimbursable. Including athletic physical exams under either School Physicians or Special Examinations. No athletic physical exams are reimbursable. COMMON ERRORS

  27. COMMON ERRORS • Including Supplemental Health Staff salaries w/ the Certified School Nurse salaries. Should go under Cost of Medical Services, Supp. Staff. • Including fringe benefits with Certified School Nurse and Supplemental Health staff salaries. No fringe benefits are reimbursable. • Including Certified School Nurse outservice training and travel costs. Only CSN costs for travel between school bldgs. is reimbursable.

  28. COMMON ERRORS • Entering ADM figures instead of actual student caseload figures per nurse per building.

  29. District CSNs will appear in drop down menu.

  30. COMMON ERRORS • Listing a Dental Hygienist on the Other Health Professional page without listing a Dentist.

  31. Health Exams, Screens, & Select Services (cont.)

  32. Mandated Formula for Reimbursement • Medical Services: The lesser of $1.60 X ADM or certified costs. • Mandated Dental Services: The lesser of $.80 X ADM or certified costs. • Dental Hygiene Services Program: The lesser of $2.00 X number of children served, not to exceed ADM by grade level, or certified costs. • Nursing Services: The lesser of $7.00 X ADM or certified costs. • Act 25 Supplemental Allocation: $9.70 X ADM

  33. Audit Findings and Adjustments • Health Service Reimbursements will be audited by Auditor General’s Office • Audit findings sent to Div. School Health • Underpayment = additional reimbursement • Overpayment = deduction from current reimbursement if report not yet processed; deduction from next year’s reimbursement if current report has already been processed.

  34. School Health Annual Report Instruction Manual & Hard Copy Annual Report available at: www.health.state.pa.us/schoolhealth Click on link for “Publications & Documents”

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