do now today s title writing consistency n.
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Do Now Today’s Title: Writing Consistency

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Do Now Today’s Title: Writing Consistency - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Do Now Today’s Title: Writing Consistency. Everyone has an idea of what they would like to do when they "grow up.“ Think about the career you would like to have when you finish school.

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do now today s title writing consistency
Do NowToday’s Title: Writing Consistency
  • Everyone has an idea of what they would like to do when they "grow up.“ Think about the career you would like to have when you finish school.
    • Think about why you would like to have this career. Explain at least three reasons why this is what you would like to do. Use specific details to explain and support your reasons. Use adjectives and descriptive words to make your writing interesting to read.


today s agenda
Today’s Agenda!!
  • What is Writing Consistency??
  • Whole Class Practice
  • Partner Practice
  • Exit Slip
  • Homework
  • Read Night
what do you mean by consistent
What do you mean by consistent??
  • When we say that writing has to be consistent, what does that mean??
    • Consistency is a uniformity or agreement among parts
  • Writing, whether it is one paragraph or a whole paper, has to flow. All the ideas must go together and transition from one idea to the next.  This is the main idea.
  • What are transitions??
    • Transitions are the connections (a word, phrase, clause, sentence, or entire paragraph) between two parts of a piece of writing, contributing to cohesion/consistency.
writing consistency
Writing Consistency
  • In a consistent paragraph, each sentence relates clearly to the topic sentence or controlling idea, but there is more to consistence than this.
  • If a paragraph is consistent, each sentence flows smoothly into the next without obvious shifts or jumps.
  • A consistent paragraph also highlights the ties between old information and new information to make the structure of ideas or arguments clear to the reader.
let s look at a consistent paragraph
Let’s look at a consistent paragraph…

She then transitions into talking about how her mom and her left the town, but she had to visit it often. Finally, she ends by explaining how she put her “foot down,” and made her dad visit her instead.

In the Olympic Peninsula of northwest Washington State, a small town named Forks exists under a near-constant cover of clouds. It rains on this inconsequential town more than any other place in the United States of America. It was from this town and its gloomy, omnipresent shade that my mother escaped with me when I was only a few months old. It was in this town that I'd been compelled to spend a month every summer until I was fourteen. That was the year I finally put my foot down; these past three summers, my dad, Charlie, vacationed me in California for two weeks instead.

The paragraph begins with a good introductory sentence explaining the setting. The second sentence continues to talk about the setting, just adding more detail.

think about it
Think about it…
  • If you were writing a paragraph about how the Greek god Poseidon has the power to make the earth shake, mentioning what the Greeks traded with other countries would not be consistent with this paragraph.
  • You have to be able to identify what ideas make sense with the rest of the paragraph.
  • Which example is inconsistent? In other words, which example shows an idea that would not be consistent with the rest of the paragraph?
    • 1.) A paragraph about the benefits of water, and you mention how it can keep you hydrated.
    • 2.) A paragraph about your family, and you mention how your grandma lives with you.
    • 3.) A paragraph about your trip to the beach, and you mention how you go to the mountains every year.
    • 4.) A paragraph about how you made dinner for the first time, and you mention how the kitchen was a mess after you finished.
human paragraphs
Human Paragraphs
  • We are going to practice identifying consistent writing. To do this, we will have some volunteers come up to represent a paragraph. Then, as a class, we will answer some questions that will test our knowledge of consistency.
  • First, I need 8 volunteers to come up and hold sentences!!
humane society
Humane society
  • Where is the best placement for the following sentence: She was sneezing and sniffling and her meow was just a hoarse squeak.
    • A. Between sentence 1 and 2
    • B. Between sentence 3 and 4
    • C. Between sentence 4 and 5
    • D. After sentence 8
  • Which of the following sentences does not belong in the paragraph?
    • A. Sentence 1
    • B. Sentence 3
    • C. Sentence 5
    • D. Sentence 8

I need eight more volunteers.

college students
College Students
  • Which of the following sentences would best be removed from the paragraph?
    • A. Sentence 2
    • B. Sentence 3
    • C. Sentence 5
    • D. Sentence 6
  • Which of the following sentences would best be added to the end of the paragraph?
    • A. Music can be listened to on the radio or iPod.
    • B. College can be difficult to get in to if you do not try hard.
    • C. These are the many reasons why students feel they have more freedom in college.
    • D. College is a home away from home.

I need five more volunteers.

  • Which of the following sentences does not belong?
    • A. 1
    • B. 2
    • C. 3
    • D. 4
  • What is the best placement for sentence 4?
    • A. Between sentence 1 and 2
    • B. Between 2 and 3
    • C. Before 1
    • D. After 5
lastly some useful transitions
Lastly…Some Useful Transitions

You will receive a half sheet with all of these transitions. Tape them in your notebook and be sure to refer to them as you do your writing, and study!!

  • The following are some useful transitions that you can use in your writing, and think about when you are reading/editing for consistency.
  • To show addition: again, and, also, besides, equally important, first (second, etc.), further, furthermore, in addition, in the first place, moreover, next, too
  • To give examples: for example, for instance, in fact, specifically, that is, to illustrate
  • To compare: also, in the same manner, likewise, similarly
  • To contrast: although, and yet, at the same time, but, despite, even though, however, in contrast, in spite of, nevertheless, on the contrary, on the other hand, still, though, yet
  • To summarize or conclude: all in all, in conclusion, in other words, in short, in summary, on the whole, that is, therefore, to sum up
  • To show time: after, afterward, as, as long as, as soon as, at last, before, during, earlier, finally, formerly, immediately, later, meanwhile, next, since, shortly, subsequently, then, thereafter, until, when, while
  • To show place or direction: above, below, beyond, close, elsewhere, farther on, here, nearby, opposite, to the left (north, etc.)
  • To indicate logical relationship: accordingly, as a result, because, consequently, for this reason, hence, if, otherwise, since, so, then, therefore, thus
partner activity
Partner Activity!!
  • You and your partner will receive several passages, and you will answer the questions that go along with them.
  • Think about the ideas that are presented in the paragraph, and make sure they are all consistent!!
  • You will have about 25 minutes to complete this practice. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE ON THE PACKET. You may write the answers down on the LEFT side of your notebook!!
exit slip
Exit Slip!!
  • Please take out a piece of paper, and add your name, title, and number it #1-5.





Exit Slip W1.6: Writing Consistency






  • Please write this in your agenda:
    • Paragraphs due: Tuesday, September 13th. Explain if you would want to live forever, and use four transitions. Be consistent!!
  • Please write two full paragraphs (at least five sentences each), on the left side of your notebook.
    • Answer the question: If someone discovered a formula that would allow us to live forever, would you take it? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer, in a consistent way!!
  • In these paragraphs make sure all of your ideas are consistent and flow well from one idea to the next.
  • You must use four transitional words from your half sheet. Please use them CORRECTLY, do not just throw them in there. Your transitions must make sense with the paragraphs also!!
let s read
Let’s Read!!
  • We will continue our class by reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry!!