Diabetes and exercise
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Diabetes and Exercise. How Exercise helps control blood sugars . Why I chose my topic . I chose my topic because I am a type 1 diabetic and wanted to know if exercise could help my diabetes. . Pancreas.

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Diabetes and exercise

Diabetes and Exercise

How Exercise helps control blood sugars.

Why i chose my topic
Why I chose my topic.

I chose my topic because I am a type 1 diabetic and wanted to know if exercise could help my diabetes.


This organ produces insulin to break down sugar in your body. When it quits you need to get insulin either from shots, or an insulin pump.

This is called Type 1 diabetes

Or Juvenile Diabetes

Juvenile diabetes
Juvenile Diabetes

  • Juvenile means children

  • Warning Signs

  • Thirsty

  • Wanting to go to the bathroom a lot

  • Hungry

  • Losing weight

  • Tired

Surviving type 1 diabetes
Surviving Type 1 Diabetes

  • Insulin given by shots or pump

  • Finger pricks 6-8 times a day

Type 2 diabetes
Type 2 Diabetes

  • Type 2 diabetes is adult onset. This is when the pancreas works sometimes, but not all the time. It needs help, by eating healthy, exercise and with medicine.

Type 2 diabetes in teenagers
Type 2 Diabetes in Teenagers

  • It effects kids between 10-19 years of age

  • Overweight

  • Not eating right

  • Not exercising

  • Also known as “pre-diabetes”

Preparing for exercise
Preparing for exercise

  • A diabetic that participates in exercise should have a partner with them.

  • Check blood sugars before beginning any exercise.

  • To prevent dehydration drink plenty of water or gatorade.

  • Have a sugary snack in case of a low blood sugar during exercise.

  • Have insulin kit with you at all times.

  • Rule of thumb drink two glasses of water before beginning any type of exercise.

Benefits of exercise
Benefits of Exercise

  • Physical exercise is important to everyone, but very important to a diabetic. Exercise and good healthy habits may help a diabetic live a longer and healthier life. Exercise for a diabetic helps to maintain their blood sugars. Healthy blood sugars may prevent heart disease, kidney failure, and obesity.

  • Checking blood sugars, exercising, eating healthy, taking insulin are all important factors for a diabetic to do in order to have a long healthy life.

Link between research and product
Link between Research and Product

The link between my research paper and product is that exercise is good for everybody, but especially those of us that suffer with a chronic illness. Exercise for athletics with diabetes is important to keep them fit and healthy.

Successes i had
Successes I had

  • I feel the success I had with this project was when I talked with the students at West Clayton.

  • Taking the teachers blood sugars before we exercised and recording the numbers and after showing a decline in the blood sugars.

  • The students saw first hand how exercise helps keeping your blood sugars in a good range.

Obstacles i had
Obstacles I had

  • Having to writer the paper was one of my obstacles I had to overcome

  • Then getting all my hours done on time was one to because I'm very unorganized

What i learned about my self
What I learned about my self

  • Well learned was that I procrastinate a lot on my work and that like to learn more about diabetes.

Thank you
Thank you

  • Any questions