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The Tundra

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The Tundra

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  1. The Tundra By Charon Dias

  2. Where is the Tundra? The Tundra is located in the northern hemisphere. But there is one biome located in the south, Antarctica. The Tundra is one of the youngest biome in the world. The Tundra is a barren land. This means there are no plants that live in that biome.

  3. Three types of plants that live in the Tundra? However some types of plants do live there such as grasses, mosses and Lichen.

  4. 3 types of animals that live in the tundra? Sea lions, polar bears and penguins. There are also 43 other species.

  5. What medicinal plant live in the tundra? • There are about 60 medicinal plants in the tundra. The two most common medicinal plants are the Arctic Willow and the Arnica. • Both these plants give vitamin C and are edible for eating.

  6. Biotic and abiotic factors? Biotic Abiotic Some abiotic factors are strong winds, little rainfall, long winters, short summer days and bad soil. Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses affect the tundra and cause global warming. • Biotic plants that live in the Tundra are heaths and mosses. • Animals that live in the Tundra snowy owl reindeers, white foxes and many more animals.

  7. What minerals that can be found there? The only minerals that are found in the tundra are ice and snow. There is also coal, copper, gold, nickel, zinc and oil due to pressure. The most common after ice is mud, water, rocks and sand. Mining is hard because of the ice and thick layer of snow. There are no plants that live in the tundra.

  8. How has science helped to discover the resources that we can use ? Science helps us locate where minerals might be and how to access them. We can also use science to find out what type of mineral we find and what it can be used for.

  9. How are humans destroying the Tundra? • Humans effect the tundra by polluting the seas which lands up at the tundra and destroys the living things who live there. • The air pollution also destroys the tundra by melting the ice caps. • The carbon greenhouse gases also melt our polar ice caps. • Drilling for precious melting affect the animals as their homes are destroyed. • Also because humans crack the ice and could lead to a natural disaster.

  10. How has use of natural resources affected the environment, economics (money) or society • It affect’s our environment because it can destroy wild life and mother nature. It affects our economics as the more minerals people purchase the more diamond and gold companies produce. It affect our society as machines that mine gold and diamonds pollutes the air and then we have less oxygen to breathe. It also affects our society as the more trees that get cut down so we can mine, the less oxygen there is to breathe.

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