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How to Lose weight- Top 10 Weight Loss Supplements at RetailPharma PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Lose weight- Top 10 Weight Loss Supplements at RetailPharma

How to Lose weight- Top 10 Weight Loss Supplements at RetailPharma

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How to Lose weight- Top 10 Weight Loss Supplements at RetailPharma

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  1. How to Lose weight- Top 10 Weight Loss Supplements at | |

  2. Introduction • Weight loss and weight maintenance are top concerns for most of us, but there are so many rumors and fads out there that it's hard to keep track of what really works. • Having trouble losing weight? • Looking for the best weight loss Capsules and supplements in India at lowest price? Don't go anywhere find the best weight loss products here to lose weight. | |

  3. Introduction • Be smart about taking supplements and talk to your healthcare provider before supplement to your diet • Here are the 12 most popular weight loss pills and supplements. adding any weight loss | |

  4. 1. Novkafit Garcinia Cambogia 500 Mg 60 Caps (Weight Loss Supplement) • Novkafit Garcinia Cambogia is a health supplement weight management. Its extract is from Garcinia fruit native to South Asia consumed for thousands of years. forhealthy and has been | |

  5. 2. Satyashri Ayurveda Real Slim Capsule 60 Caps • Real Slim / Weight Loss • 60 Capsules • Blend of medicinal herbs • Clinically approved ayurvedic medicine | |

  6. 3. Zeoveda Med Har Capsule - 60 Caps • Is your weight making you feel down? Have you tried working out and dieting without any visible result? Is constant dieting making you feel hungry, tired and cranky? You need to boost your metabolism so that the extra fat in your body is broken down. The Zeoveda Med Har for Weight Loss is the perfect way to start losing weight. Specially formulated to trigger your metabolism and improve it, Zeoveda Med Har will get you going on your weight loss journey. | |

  7. • Ingredients: Kokam, green tea, grape seed, saunth, turmeric, dal chini, garlic, amla Benefits: • Triggers your metabolism process and augments it • Gives you a healthy way to lose weight • Burns fat when used regularly • Deals with problems related to indigestion • Relieves fatigue and keeps you energetic • Tested and approved by ministry of Ayush | |

  8. 4. VinSliker Weight Loss Liquid 500 ML • Vin Sliker is Body-Slim an Management. ayurvedic composition. It is ideal • All the constituents’ extracts - Green Tea, Malabar Tamarind, Triphala, Coleus, Senna, Green Coffee Bean, Guggul are known from ancient possessing excellent quality that assists excess calorie burning and body fat management giving you slim, sleek, elegant personality. times to be | |

  9. 5. Natrol Water Pill - 60 Tabs • Natrol's Water Pill is an all- natural formula which is free of harsh chemicals. herbal/nutrient blend offers a gentle formula to help promote a balanced level of fluids in the body -- Naturally. Natrol's Water Pill provides a balanced approach to maintaining healthy body fluid levels. By working with the body's systems, our Water Pill, along with a healthy diet and exercise program, can help you feel your best Naturally. Our | |

  10. 6. AMULYA SLIM CARE 60 CAPSULE • Amulya contain natural ingredients that helps in regulate the healthy metabolism breaking down the body fat. it also helps in removing toxin from the body with its antioxidant properties. slim fitness capsules and promote | |

  11. 7. Nutriorg Obesity Care Juice 500ml • Obesity care juice is a unique combination ingredients. The main ingredients in the juice garcinia, commniferra amla and aloevera juice. Nature has blessed us with a balanced and healthy body but due to our unhealthy eating lifestyle we are losing its beauty which leads to obesity. Obesity is generally. of herbs and are green tea, mukul, habits and | |

  12. 8. Body Revive Weight Loss 90 Capsule • Body Revive Slimming Capsules contain natural ingredients that work towards appetite without compromising on nutritional values to provide ample nourishment to the body. The slimming capsules enhance metabolism, energy, and help burn more calories and energy levels immunity. suppressing convert fat to while and increasing boosting | |

  13. • It helps in reducing our natural capability for storing up body fat. It is an effective natural appetite suppressant. Garcinia cambogia helps to reduce serum triglyceride, lipid, and bad cholesterol level. It blocks the natural synthesis of lipids and fatty acids in our body. It is also used for catarrhal conditions or inflammations of the mucus membrane of the throat, mouth, urinary system, and uterus. • Garcinia cambogia is an excellent herb for maintaining perfect body weight and is regarded as the best medication for obesity and acts as weight loss supplement. This herb interrupts with the synthesis of compounds like lipids, fatty acids, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, which, in turn decreases the appetite by promoting glycogen synthesis and enhancing a feeling of fullness. Suppression of appetite due to effective metabolic activity. | |

  14. 9. Greenbrrew Lemon Instant Green Coffee Beans Extract For Weight Loss - 20 Sachets 60gm • Greenbrrew Green Coffee is an instant and coffee bean extract in the form of powder which organic cultivated Greenbrrew Green Coffee brings you the finest coffee bean extract without roasting the essential compounds of the coffee. Green Coffee Beans Extract is purely natural, instant make. unroasted green comes from farms. and easy to | |

  15. 10. Shivalik Herbals Ezy Slim 60 Capsules • Ezy Slim - Herbal Medicine for Weight Loss, Slimming, Cholestrol, Weight Naturally, Medicines Fat Burner, Lose Ayurvedic | |

  16. 11. West Coast Fatnile Fat Reduction Formula - 60 Capsules • FATNIL • Fat Reduction Formula • Lose Weight • Fast & Safety • Weight management • Appetite suppressor • Fat Burner • For colon cleansing • FATNIL is a unique blend of nutritional ingredients designed to help you lose weight safely and naturally. | |

  17. • FATNIL provides special lipotropic nutrients. • A special combination of ingredients which will help to boost your energy levels (Guarana), decrease your food intake and achieve your goals naturally without synthetic drug or stimulants. • FATNIL is a 100 % natural slimming formula – designed to gives you maximum fat metabolism, fat elimination & fat termination. • Chitosan has been shown to bind from 4 to 12 times its own weight of dietary fat, reducing or preventing their absorption. Chitosan a non- digestive natural dietary fibre derived from shellfish shells. In common with many other dietary fibres it binds weight of dietary fat, reducing or preventing their absorption. | |

  18. • Functions without disrupting normal body processes. Provides an excellent source of dietary fibre Food Supplement • As with other food supplements, seek professional advice before using if you are under medical supervision, pregnant, breast-feeding or suffer from food allergies. Helps to.... • Ulcers and osteoporosis • Stop the growth of certain tumors • High blood pressure and cholesterol • Antiscorbutic • Weight loss agent • Garcinia Cambogia help to | |

  19. 12. Simlim 60 Capsule • Prevent formation of fat from carbohydrates • Burns excessive fat • Reduces urge for food & maintains energy level • Ideal for long term use Indications: • General Obesity • Pot – belly Obesity • Post – delivery Obesity | |

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