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Open Source Hr Software PowerPoint Presentation
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Open Source Hr Software

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Open Source Hr Software
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Open Source Hr Software

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  1. Open Source Hr Software

  2. Hr Software • Resume parser is human resource software that used to read and analyze data in a database. This software is essential in any HR department. It analyzes data in a very high speed without any elimination in 100% accuracy. This leaves no room for error. The HR is department which is intensely invaded by heavy work and 1000’s of resume awaiting process. This forces company to add more workers hence became a liability to a company.

  3. Advantages • Resume parser reduce workload which would just take a few weeks. • This significantly saves the company cost and profit margin. • This makes also the company employee work elsewhere for the betterment of the company. • This makes the effects in other company departments more productive.

  4. Advantages • Resume parser is also has an independent in input. • It gets data from all the sources required. • It gets data by downloading emails and transports them to data base. • It also import resumes from the computer desktop folder. This makes the software less dependent to man power.

  5. Features • The resume parser is also compatible with all document formats; this includes DOCX, DOC, HTML, PDF and many other document formats. • This makes software have the capability of processing any type of data without selection or rejection of some formats. • This makes it compatible with all systems. • The resume parser software can extract resume from over 25 fields.

  6. Features • The resume processing system also has output that is compatible to any database may it be my SQL or MS SQL all are compatible since it output is inform of CSV and XML format making it easy to use with the database. • The output can be directly exported to sugar, Zoho, ALT sale force etc. • This makes it have a wide view of analysis without limitation.

  7. Why you Chose… • The software is well known for it C.V asis the software and can analyze the C.V and classify them as required. • This reduces the workload on the company during intakes when one receives thousands of C.V applicant’s i.e. different region and format. The hr software does all that job.

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