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Unleash the Potential of Customer Reviews to Market Your Brand PowerPoint Presentation
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Unleash the Potential of Customer Reviews to Market Your Brand

Unleash the Potential of Customer Reviews to Market Your Brand

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Unleash the Potential of Customer Reviews to Market Your Brand

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  1. Unleash the Potential of Customer Reviews to Market Your Brand

  2. Maybe you run a successful business with a good network of loyal customers who keep coming back to you for more. But if your happy customers don’t talk about the seamless shopping experiences they had with your brand, many of your potential customers would never really get to know how awesome you are. In fact, your prospects might think maybe something’s wrong with your business or service that your existing customers don’t want to talk about their experience.

  3. Satisfied customers are visible evidence of a retailer’s quality service. They spread the word about your brand and narrate your success story, which in turn helps attract more prospects toward your business. Research reveals that nearly 70% people count on customer reviews when making an online purchase. This is because they simply don’t want to waste their time on trading with a business they aren’t certain about. Here’s a rundown on significance of online reviews and effective ways in which they can help to market your brand and ensure effective business reputation management.

  4. Browse your sales history, get in touch with recent customers who are happy with your service and ask them for a review. • You don’t want to offer any kind of incentive in exchange of positive feedback because that might look like you are buying reviews, which could further harm your reputation. • It is a good idea to turn to your repeat customers for reviews as they make a positive impression of your brand’s credibility on prospects.

  5. Post best, uncensored reviews from the happiest customers on the Home page of your website. Add the name and picture of customers alongside their reviews to make your testimonials look more credible and authentic. Make sure you have the customer’s consent before publishing their picture on your site. You can also create a separate page dedicated to your flaunt-worthy testimonials incorporating social media icons for visitors to not just check your reviews but engage with your brand on social media.

  6. Not only do reviews answer your prospect’s questions about your brand and service/product but they also give customers the opportunity to raise their queries and provide suggestions for improvement. • While you bring the best of reviews up on your site, do heed negative feedback, low-rating reviews, queries and complaints.

  7. Take notice of negative reviews and respond promptly. These might be your loyal customers who have genuine problems and seek a resolution. • Responding quickly to negative comments on social media profiles and queries raised by disgruntled or unsatisfied customers allows you to improve your service and reduce any sort of negativity or misconception around your brand.

  8. Customer reviews serve as an effective marketing tool which helps retailers to build trust in the buyer and improve their quality of service through thoughtful changes. Yet there are many ecommerce retailers who don’t follow-up with their customers or ask for feedback because they’re afraid they will hear something bad about their service.

  9. It is important to not only get customers to review your service but also make the process of reviewing as quick and convenient as possible. You can use an online platform to send automated feedback request mails to customers or you can include a short survey on your website or start a poll on social media accounts to know what people think about your service/product and brand.

  10. Singing your own praises to tell people you are the best in the market may not induce them to trade with your brand. But hearing good word about your brand from customers alike might encourage them to invest in your offerings. So, incorporate customer feedback into your online reputation management strategy and watch your fanbase and business nurture.