5 practices that are ruining your online reputation n.
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5 Practices that are Ruining Your Online Reputation PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Practices that are Ruining Your Online Reputation

5 Practices that are Ruining Your Online Reputation

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5 Practices that are Ruining Your Online Reputation

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  1. 5 Practices that are Ruining Your Online Reputation

  2. Maintaining Online Reputation It takes years of efforts to build a reputation and seconds to ruin it. Building and maintaining online reputation is one of the biggest challenges faced by online merchants. It is still easy to deal with the bad reputation of your brick-and-mortar business as it is confined to a small geographical region and you can always move your business to a new place and start over.

  3. Dealing with a Larger Audience With online reputation, however, moving to a new place isn’t an option. Since you’re dealing with a larger audience on a wider platform (internet), your reputation is more vulnerable to damage. Stated below are some most likely practices that may be ruining your online reputation.

  4. Lashing Back at Customers Badmouthing customers is probably the easiest thing you can do to take your online reputation from good or bad to worse. No matter if it’s the customer’s fault, you would never want to vent your frustration or anger on customers if you care about your online reputation. Not just lashing back at disgruntled customers but taking any inappropriate action like deleting their complaints or negative comments also send the message to your customers and prospects that you don’t care.

  5. Online Presence Remember that the whole point of your online presence is to attract prospect and convert them into recurrent customers. So, instead of losing your cool when you spot a negative comment from a disgruntled customer, try to reach out to them and resolve the issue to their favour.

  6. Ignoring Customer Queries or Feedback Customers want their complaints to be listened and addressed quickly. When a customer posts a query, complaint, comment or feedback about your company, other potential customers are listening or seeing them too. Ignoring or deleting customer queries or feedback can take a toll on your brand reputation. A prompt response promising the customer a quick solution, on the other hand, will convey the idea that you care about your customers and prevent things getting worse.

  7. Being too Personal and less Professional Never let your emotions get in the way when it comes to engaging with customers on social media. Your customers want to know and hear about things that are relevant to your business and not discuss politics, religion, social causes or controversial issues. Since the reason behind your online presence is appealing customers, focus on topics and matters that revolve around your business and products/services.

  8. To Sum Up It’s likely that many of you are engaged in any of the abovementioned practices. The good news is it’s never too late to improve the online presence of your brand. Find a reputed personal reputation management expert and make sure you and your business look good online at all times.

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