Why Renting Appliances Online is Gaining Popularity in India
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Why Renting Appliances Online is Gaining Popularity in India - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Renting a house is very common in India and renting appliances from websites is also gradually gaining popularity. This is because the transaction is transparent, altering tenure and getting the appliance delivered and returning it is easy.

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Why Renting Appliances Online is Gaining Popularity in India

We commonly borrow t-shirt or shoes from our friends to serve our short lived needs. The idea

of renting evolves from this purpose of serving this short lived need. While taking a house on

rent in India is very common, renting appliance from websites is also gradually gaining

popularity in India.

The three main reasons of this gradual popularity are mentioned below:

1.Easy Delivery and Return:

One of the biggest advantages of renting appliances from online websites is the ease of delivery

and return. When one places an order to rent an appliance all he needs to do is to furnish his

delivery address.

The appliance will be delivered to your doorstep. Also, one can schedule the time of delivery so

that the product is delivered in your presence. Moreover, these websites deliver the appliances

to every metro city; therefore it is easy to get rental air cooler in Gurgaon or Delhi.

These websites also have a hassle free return policy. Similar to the delivery, you can schedule

the date and time of the pickup of the product. You need not worry about sending the

appliance back as the transport will be managed by the executives themselves.

2.Easy Extension and Termination of Tenure:

These websites have easy tenure extension and termination policy. In order to extend your

policy, you need to intimate the website via an email or a call 30 days prior to the termination

of the tenure. For a sudden termination you can schedule the pickup at the earliest, however,

you would have to pay some amount as penalty.

3.Different Products Available on One Platform:

These websites feature several appliances at a single platform unlike renting from the shops,

where you need change shops for every other appliance. These websites are gaining popularity

because of the transparent and easy process.