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Contact A Good Hosting Agency For Best Domain Registration PowerPoint Presentation
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Contact A Good Hosting Agency For Best Domain Registration

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Contact A Good Hosting Agency For Best Domain Registration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Contact A Good Hosting Agency For Best Domain Registration

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  1. Contact A Good Hosting Agency For Best Domain Registration

  2. • The internet is a busy place with billions of websites and billions of users. You, as owner of a website, should ensure that your website does not escape the user’s attention. Your domain name is the address of your website in the virtual world. You must leave no stone unturned for best domain registration. • Without a good and easy to remember domain name, there is every possibility of your website remaining accessible to only a handful of users.• You must careful about your domain name and try to select only those domain names that best represent your business or area of interest.

  3. • You need to be aware of certain facts and rules before you decide to select a domain name for your website. Some important factors you should be familiar with are as follows:• Domain names are not case sensitive. You can select uppercase letters, lowercase letters, or a combination of both.• Try to keep your domain name short and simple. This way it will be easy for the user to memorize and type it.• Domain names should contain the right keywords. This is very important since then it will be easier to apply SEO techniques to increase its search engine visibility.• Your domain name should contain the name of the business or brand you are trying to promote.• Taking into consideration the above mentioned points you can avail yourself of the best domain registration that will greatly increase your online visibility.

  4. 1. How do domain names work?• Domain names are important since they provide users with a name that is easy to understand and remember. Users enter a website they wish to visit by typing its address in the URL of the web browser.• We can take the example of a simple website address to effectively demonstrate the constituents of a domain name and how they work.• Let us start by taking an example of a website named www. This domain name has three components--- www, xbcd, and com.• We shall discuss these three important constituents in some detail now. • www—this is a sub-domain prefix of the World Wide Web.

  5. • Xbcd---this is a sub-domain and a part of the domain name that is most recognizable to computer users. Websites are remembered by their sub-domains and each website has a unique sub-domain.• .com - This is the top-level domain which is separated from the sub-domain by a dot. It is important since it identifies the purpose for which your website is created.• Other popular top level domains are .net, .org, .edu, etc. Some popular addition to top level domains list are .info, .name, and others.• Sometimes you may be unhappy with your present hosting provider. You always have the option of going in for transferring a domain. You can find a good agency that provides domain hosting and transfer your domain name to them.

  6. • Firms like Cosmotown provide excellent domain transfer facility at the minimum of cost. You can switch over to this service provider with the minimum of hassle.2. Conclusion• Securing a good domain name is important for your online success. You must hire the services of a reputable hosting firm, like Cosmotown. This firm with its experience, expertise, and transparent billing process will help you get the best domain registration.