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WiMAX @ MIT. Potential Media Lab Projects. A crucial enabler for a compelling dual reality experience. High speed DL. Multiple simultaneous sessions. High speed UL. Large coverage area. Center for Virtual Life.

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Wimax @ mit


Potential Media Lab Projects

A crucial enabler for a compelling dual reality experience

High speed DL

Multiple simultaneous sessions

High speed UL

Large coverage area

Center for virtual life
Center for Virtual Life

  • Purpose is to invent and pioneer the emerging convergence of the physical (real) and virtual worlds

  • This convergence is called ‘Dual Reality’

  • In Dual Reality people, objects, events and spaces exist in both realities simultaneously and impact one another

  • Center for Virtual Life (CVL) will partner with sponsors and industry

CVL is a Media Lab initiative headed by Cynthia Breazeal, head of the Robotic Life group

Mobility a primary requirement of compelling dual reality in cvl
Mobility: A Primary Requirement of Compelling Dual Reality in CVL

  • Interacting with the virtual world while away from the computer and engaged in activities in the real world

  • Activities in the real world while mobile affect actions in the virtual world

  • Activities in the virtual world affect mobile behavior in the physical world

  • This mobility depends on high speed, robust, and ubiquitous wireless service

  • WiMAX is uniquely designed to provide this mobility

Dual reality lab sensing in the converged realities
Dual Reality Lab: Sensing in the Converged Realities in CVL

  • Developing sensors to provide context and experience in the virtual world

  • Developing new visualizations for sensor data in the virtual world

  • Developing sensing mechanisms for extracting context and experience from the virtual world

  • WiMAX multiple sessions allows coordinated, converged data exchange and use between worlds

Dual Reality is a project in Joe Paradiso’s Responsive Environments group

Scratch end user content creation
Scratch - End User Content Creation in CVL

  • Multimedia authoring environment for end user content creation

  • Visual programming

  • Aimed at children

  • Extensive library of images, backgrounds, audio clips, etc

  • Author can stream created content to other’s WiMAX phones (Mobile Scratch)

  • Enhance Mobile Scratch with context elements that become active on the phone

  • Use WiMAX multiple sessions to provide coordinated speech with Mobile Scratch programs

Scratch is a project in Mitch Resnick’s Lifelong Kindergarten group

Ringing in the rain an agent based weather warning system

Figure 1. Scenario of Riding Toward a Storm. in CVL

Figure 3. User Movement Model from Collected Movement Data

Ringing In The Rain: An Agent Based Weather Warning System

  • Tracks and analyzes dynamic phenomena on the web (ex. Weather)

  • Monitors user’s movement via GPS and predicts route from previous observations

  • Predicts adverse conjunction of route with phenomena

  • Give user’s movement and destination, notifies user in time to take action to minimize effects

  • Uses distributes agent architecture suitable for application to other similar applications

Ringing in the Rain is a project in Chris Schmandt’s Speech Interfaces group

  • WiMAX multiple sessions provides ability to extract multiple sources from the Web and converge them on the handset

Living the future
Living the Future in CVL

  • 5 year MIT wide research program to define and prototype the future of mobile, personal communications

  • Use the MIT campus and surrounding community as an observatory for future services and devices

    • Participation expands from 250 initial users from MIT in phase 1 to 20,000 users in the Cambridge community in phase 3

  • Develop a series of open wireless communication and computing platforms

  • WiMAX provides the robust and high speed wireless medium necessary for many of the potential services and applications to be researched