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Existential Tweets

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Existential Tweets. By @ Sheble So powerful #2chairz. Existentialism. @Kafka . Existentialism = man succeeds because of his strength, or lack of it

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existential tweets

Existential Tweets

By@Sheble So powerful#2chairz


@Kafka. Existentialism = man succeeds because of his strength, or lack of it

@Nitzsche. Existentialists celebrate human existence. check out this link **Existence precedes essence--we first exist and then we must find our own unique vocation that will become our essence. We cannot be confined by other societal constructs of happines.

existentialism continued
Existentialism Continued

@Sheble. Emphasis on present

@Mersault. Not a matter of being right in the eyes of a god, but of being right in [one’s] own eyes.

@Hemingway. Understanding of a situation by someone involved in that situation is superior to that of a detached, objective observer#oldwiseman#drunk&orderly


Existence is pointless, meaningless, and irrational because nobody knows when his/her life may be abruptly terminated #yourlifeismeaningless

@APcynics. Absurdity = man’s futile search for meaning in an indifferent, meaningless universe.#lifesucks

absurdity continued
Absurdity Continued

@Sheble. Basically, we must, at some time, confront nothingness and realize the impossibility of finding ultimate justification for the choices that we must make.

@Sheble. So we fret about the choices we make because of dread and anxiety, but our existence is so infinitely small in scope of universe that it doesn’t matter.#anxietysucks

disregarding society s accepted behaviors
Disregarding Society’s Accepted Behaviors

Society deems certain behaviors as normal/rational #westernculture#introvertsrule

When people don’t follow these behaviors, others attempt to create rational reasons as to why #misunderstood