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Chapter 3 Receiving Guests at the Front Office PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 3 Receiving Guests at the Front Office

Chapter 3 Receiving Guests at the Front Office

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Chapter 3 Receiving Guests at the Front Office

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  1. Chapter 3 Receiving Guests at the Front Office

  2. Part I Dialogues Part II Vocabulary Study Part III Listening and Speaking Part IV Practical Writing Part V Feature Reading

  3. Dialogue 1 Receiving a guest with a reservation • Context: He Yan, a receptionist ,is receiving a guest with a • reservation clerk named Tom Smith. • Pre-listening questions: • What kind of room has the guest booked? • What does the receptionist ask the guest to fill out? Staff: Good morning, sir. May I help you? Guest: Yes. I’d like to check in, please.

  4. Staff: Do you have a reservation? Guest: Yes my name is Smith, Tom Smith. I made a reservation ten days ago. Staff: Just a minute , please……Yes, you have reserved a single non-smoking room for five nights. The room rate is RMB 600 per night, including 15 % service charge. Is that right? Guest: Yes, that is right. Staff: Thank you . Now could you please fill out this registration form? Guest: Yes, I will take care of it. …Is that Ok? Staff: Yes. Please sign your name here. May I have a look at your passport? Guest: Here you are.

  5. Staff: Fine . Your room number is 707.Here is the key to the room. The bellboy will help you to carry your suitcase to your room. I hope you will enjoy your stay with us? Guest: Thank you very much. Staff: My pleasure.

  6. Dialogue 2 Receiving a Walk-in Guest • Context: He Yan , a receptionist, is receiving a walk- in • guest, Mr. Brown . • Pre-listening questions: • How much discount will the guest get? • 2) How much will the guest pay per night?

  7. Staff: Good evening. How may I help you? Guest: Yes .I want a room in your hotel. Staff: Have you made a reservation? Guest: I am afraid not. Staff: Then .What kind of room would you like , sir? Guest: A single room, please.

  8. Staff: Smoking or non-smoking room? Guest: Any extra charge for a smoking room? Staff: No ,sir. Guest: In that case ,I want a smoking room.How much do you charge for a single room per night? Staff: RMB 600. Guest: Is there any discount if I stay here several days? Staff: How long are you going to stay in our hotel? Guest: Seven days.

  9. Staff: Then you will have 10% discount. Guest: Thank you. I will take it. Staff: Could you please fill out this registration form? (The guest Fills out the registration form.) Guest: Is that all right? Staff: Yes. Here is your key .Your room number is 707 . It is in the seventh floor and the bellboy will show you up in a minute. Have a nice evening. And enjoy your stay.

  10. Dialogue 3 Receiving a Frequent Guest • Context: Helen , a receptionist, is receiving a frequent • guest who has come back to the hotel. • Pre-listening questions: • Is it the man is first time to stay in the hotel ? • In which room will the man stay?

  11. Staff: Good morning, Mr. Black. It is very nice to see you again. Guest: Me too. Staff: Did you have a nice trip? Guest: Yes, thank you. Staff: Do you want the same room you stayed in last time ?

  12. Guest: Yes, please, if possible. (Helen presents the registration to Mr. Black.) Staff: Please sign tour name here . And here is the key to the room 1205. Guest: That is great, thank you. Staff: My pleasure.

  13. Dialogue 4 Group Check-in service • Context: A tour group arrives at the hotel. And the tour • leader, Mr. Mills, comes to the Front Desk to • check in. • Pre-listening questions: • How long will the group stay ? • Will the members of the group fill out the registration form individually?

  14. Staff: Good morning. sir. How may I help you? Guest: Yes, please . We would like to check in. Staff: Do you have a reservation? Guest: Yes. The Guilin CITS has booked 20 rooms for us. Staff: Could you please tell me the name of your group? Guest: The U.S Teachers Association Delegation?

  15. Staff: Just a moment please. (Helen checks the computer.) Yes.20 twin rooms for 3 nights. Guest: That is correct . Here is the name-list with the group visa? Staff: Thank you . Here are the keys to the rooms.Do you need morning–call services? Guest: Yes , please.8:00 a.m. for tomorrow morning and 9:00 a.m. for the rest of the days.

  16. Staff: And here are the vouchers for your breakfast. The breakfast will be served at the Imperial Hall on the second floor. Guest: Thank you. Staff:. My pleasure.

  17. Vocabulary Study 总台 前台 接待员 指定的 根据 填写 签(名) 护照 喜欢 停留 无预定的客人 Front office Receptionist Named According to Fill out Sign Passport Enjoy Stay Walk-in

  18. Extra Discount Per In that case several Handle Frequent Guest Present Tour group Tour leader 另外 折扣 每 那么 几个 处理 常住客 呈上 旅行团 领队

  19. CITS Association Name-list Visa Group Visa Morning call Voucher 中国国际旅行社 协会 名单 签证 团队签证 早上叫醒服务 凭证

  20. Exercise 1: Match the expressions on the left with the best meaning on the right. • -----receptionist a. a reduction from the full or standard • amount of a price or debt • 2. -----discount b. one who walks in without having an • appointment • 3. -----walk-in c. to arranging for (tickets or lodgings, for • example ) in advance • 4. -----book d. an office workers employee chiefly to • receive visitors • 5. -----fill out e. to complete (a form ,for example )by • providing required information

  21. Exercise 2: Complete the following with words or expressions from the dialogues. • The manager b----- a magic show for the tour leader . • --Does the guest have a reservation. • --No, he is just a w------ • 3. He carefully f---- ----- the job application

  22. 4. The hotel r------ wants to know when we will be checking out tomorrow morning 5. We can offer you a d------ of 30%

  23. 1. Functional Sentences 询问客人是否有预订 Do you have a reservation? Have you ----------- Made a reservation? Reserved a room? Booked any rooms?

  24. 请客人登记 Would you like to register? Will you please fill out this registration ? May I have a look at your passport? Would you mind filling out this registration form?

  25. 解释有关住宿登记表内容 Pleasewrite out ------ Your nationality/permanent address/your passport No./visa No./the expire date of your passport/the expire date of your visa here I need ------ Your passport number /visa number/signature here Please sign your name here

  26. 熟人见面(寒暄语) Good afternoon ,Mr. Smith . Nice to see you again ,Mrs. Brown. How are you ,Miss Wilson? How is your family ? Have not seen you for a long time .How are you getting along these days ? It is nice day ,isn’t it?

  27. 2. Answer the following questions • How would you find out whether a customer has a reservation or not? • What would you say to ask a customer to register? • How would you ask a customer to show his or her passport ? • How much is 20% discount of RMB600? • What would you say to a customer who frequently stays in your hotel?

  28. Exercise 1: Listen to the short dialogues. Fill in the blanks. Then practice with your partner. Dialogue 1 Staff: Good afternoon. Guest: Good afternoon. I’d like to------. Staff: Do you have a ------? Guest: Yes, I have booked a room 10 days ago.---------Tom Carter.

  29. Dialogue 2 Staff: Have you -----------a reservation?. Guest: --------------not. Staff: Then, what--------would you like? Guest: ---------a double room. Dialogue 3 Staff: Please fill out this ------? Guest: There you go . Is it ------ Staff: May I have -------your passport? Guest: Of course .Here you are.

  30. Dialogue 4 Staff: We can offer you a ------If you stay in our hotel more than 7 days . Guest:-------discount can I get then? Staff: 10% discount . Guest: I will------.

  31. Dialogue 5 Guest : Shall I ------ here? Staff : Yes. Please tell me your ------ Guest : My---------is 715.Here is the key. Staff : ----------- Dialogue 6 Staff: Good morning , Mr. White. It is ----------- you again. Guest: -----------------too. Staff:. ---------you have a nice trip? Guest: Yes---------------

  32. Exercise 2: Listen and answer the following questions. Topic of dialogue:---------------- Date of group arrival:-------------- The tour leader wants:-------------- Payment of the couple settled?------------

  33. Exercise 3:Listen and fill in the blanks. Staff: Good afternoon. -------to our hotel. Guest. -----------------We’d like to check in . Staff: Would you please fill out this -----------of your group ? And are you there any ------- to your schedule? Guest: Yes I am just going to talk about this with you. You know there are -----people in our group ,so we have booked --- ----rooms and we are going to stay here for ---------.We are leaving -------.But a couple has something else unexpected to do here .they------leaving with us .I wonder if they can reserve the ------------ Staff: No problem. Since it is not the peak season ,we will have some vacant -------- . Guest: Good. And all the ----------will fall on themselves.

  34. Staff: As you know ,the ------------for individuals is not the same for tour groups, so there maybe some--- in it. Guest: Yes, I understand. Then,-----------------per night? Staff: RMB600 Guest: Just a minute .I will talk with Mr. and Mrs. Croft. Yes,-------. Staff: Are there any other -------,madam? Guest: No, no more . Staff: So you are staying here for 2 nights ,today and tomorrow and you will------------the day after tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. March 7. Your luggage will be collected at 8:30a.m. Will that be all right? Guest: Yes. Staff: Is there ------------- we can do for you ,madam? Guest: No ,not at the moment.-------------- Staff: My pleasure. .

  35. Exercise 4: Complete the dialogue orally with the Chinese prompts. Staff: ---------------------(早上好.先生.有何吩咐?) Guest: Yes, please. (我要办理登记入住手续) Staff: --------------------(请问您订过房间吗?) Guest:-------------------(是的,我十五天前订过一个单人间) Staff: --------------------( 请问您的姓名?) Guest: David Firth. Staff: Just a moment ,please .Yes, you booked a single room for 3 nights. Guest: Right.

  36. Exercise 5: Role Play David 一个月前预订过一个套间.现到总台登记入住. John 在中国旅游,现在他来到长青饭店前台,要求在此住两个晚上.因为他没预订,接待员为他提供了walk-in 入住登记服务. Tom是一酒店常住客人,离开一个月后又回该酒店入住.

  37. E-mail 电子邮件 我们正处在网络时代,对许许多多的互联网用户来说,电子邮件是 必不可少的沟通方式之一。它以高效.可靠的性能正在逐步取代传统的邮寄方式.它的影响已渗透到社会.生活的个方面,饭店业也不例外.有的饭店已开放网上订房业务,客人只需找到该饭店已登记的网上订房网页,按照设计好的内容逐一填好即可订房.饭店只需根据实际情况对客人提出的 请求进行处理即可.也有的客人会以电子邮件的方式发出订房请求或咨询,饭店接待人员就要对客人进行回复.所以前台接待人员有必要了解一些相关知识.

  38. Exercise: 根据回复客人预订的要求,按电子邮件的方式给以上预订进行回复。

  39. Personal Requirements of a Hotel Receptionist • Pre-reading questions: • Does a receptionist only receive customers at the front office? • Is it very difficult to become an ideal receptionist?

  40. A hotel receptionist seems to “do it all”---register guest, assign rooms, distribute baggage , hand out keys to rooms ,provide information and other services. Of course , he may act as a reservation clerk as well. So he needs other personal requirements to be a efficient , excellent staff member of a hotel.

  41. Firstly, a receptionist reflects the pubic image of the hotel. It is very important that he makes guests feel welcome , so he must enjoy dealing with people and have a warm desire to help them . Secondly , every part of the hotel has to work well together ,so receptionists work closely with the bell persons, with housekeeping and with security and maintenance staff. In order to make the work go smoothly , a hotel receptionist needs to have good communication skills, people skills and organizational ability .A good memory is also important as well as accuracy and attention to details.

  42. Thirdly, to prepare a customer is account , a receptionist must put together the cost of additional items such as drinks , telephone calls and newspapers ,and include them in the final bill. So a receptionist must be accurate and have a sense of figures . Still, a receptionist is usually the first person to receive a customer is complaint, so he must have excellent customer service skills, patience, tact, and know when to refer a case to the manager . It helps a lot if he can think quickly and come up with solutions.

  43. Finally, a receptionist also needs to be punctual and sensitive to the needs of people from different cultures and backgrounds. No doubt ,the ability to speak a foreign language can be very useful.

  44. Exercise 1:Choose from below an appropriate Chinese to match each equivalent in the passage.

  45. Exercise 2: Substitution Practice • A receptionist is usually the first person to receive a customer is complaint , so he must--------- • a. have a good memory • b. have organizational abilities • c. be patient • d. speak English