vision 2015 immigration online schools reference group terrace chambers 21 st may 2014 n.
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Vision 2015 & Immigration ONLINE Schools Reference Group Terrace Chambers 21 st May 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Vision 2015 & Immigration ONLINE Schools Reference Group Terrace Chambers 21 st May 2014

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Vision 2015 & Immigration ONLINE Schools Reference Group Terrace Chambers 21 st May 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vision 2015 & Immigration ONLINE Schools Reference Group Terrace Chambers 21 st May 2014
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  1. Vision 2015 & Immigration ONLINESchools Reference GroupTerrace Chambers 21st May 2014

  2. Video: Montage of Monthly Staff Videos

  3. Our Vision “Recognised as a trusted partner, delivering outstanding immigration services and bringing the best people New Zealand needs to prosper.” • better customer experience for people who use our services • improved economic contribution to New Zealand • improved border security through information sharing and identity management • more services for less cost • better responsiveness to changing market conditions • working more with others to achieve good immigration outcomes (our trusted partners in international education, tourism and employment sectors)

  4. Drivers for Change Greater global reach • extending “front-end” of network through outsourcing to commercial third parties (VAC’s) • 24/7 access to service Agile / flexible operating model • electronic global work queues • realigning branch network to market priorities Improved risk management approach • biometrics • triage based on risk / value • data sharing On-line channels • smarter technology • automation of some processes / tasks • simpler products

  5. What is Immigration ONLINE? • Technology that improves the customer experience, delivers efficiencies (INZ only deals with electronic applications) and is more secure. • A central part of INZ’s Vision 2015 - aimed at having a more flexible, responsive and efficient operating model world-wide • A system that will enable a shift away from paper application forms and manual processing • It isn’t a ‘big-bang’ deployment • It is deliberately incremental and phased to introduce functionality specific to different visa types and, importantly, ensure the online offering meets customer and business needs. • What do we want to achieve? • Immigration services will be delivered online • More consistent decision making • A more flexible business model • Improved fraud detection and prevention • World class identity management capability.

  6. Vision 2015 – The Immigration Journey o o

  7. Vision 2015 – A New Business Model

  8. Vision 2015 Programme Scope • Online application • Global work queue and shift to task based processing • Network realignment • Interim and Target Operating Models • New Capabilities, Culture • Identity management, including biometric roll out • New assess and decide system and processes • Trusted partners access to systems • E-Medical • E-Visa • Secure data sharing with partners.

  9. Indicative Timings 2014 New MBIE Technology infrastructure (improved privacy and security) Apply online for Student, Work and Visitor visas 3rd parties will be able to ‘apply on behalf of’ eVisas (Part 1) eMedical (Part 1) 2015 IDmego-live Apply online for remaining visas Biometric enrolment (Visa) Full 3rd Party Portals (VACs) Risk & Value Triage Assess & Decide visa in IGMS 2016 Complex cases in IGMS Investigations Deportation Detention Refuse Entry Refugees Appeals & Complaints Border & Passenger Intelligence Management Tools integrated

  10. Visa Options Check: the first Immigration ONLINE release • A new Visa Options Check went live in May 2013, helping users understand which visa they may be eligible for.

  11. Visa Options Check • The VOC is attracting significantly more customer visits than the online questionnaire it replaced. • Updated to reflect regulatory changes. • The spike in July represents promotion of the VOC to a database of 200,000 ‘NZ Now’ customers. Since then, usage has been largely consistent month-on-month.

  12. Immigration ONLINE - Student: the upcoming second Immigration ONLINE release

  13. Immigration ONLINE - Student

  14. Immigration ONLINE - Student: Next Steps • The student online application and the new ICT infrastructure is ‘built’ and is going through extensive technical testing and user acceptance testing before going live • Significant business readiness preparations are underway or planned for in advance of go-live (e.g. training; internal and external communications) • Our deployment principles and go/no go decision making process will determine the definitive go-live date • We will monitor performance of the system; quality of the applications; and our business processes • Not all students will choose to apply online, so existing ways of applying for visas remain available (and create a fall back option) • Following student online application, other online visa application types will be progressively introduced (e.g. worker and visitor visas) • The student application provides the base for all subsequent online visa types.

  15. Video: Immigration ONLINE - Student

  16. eMedical • a secure online channel for visa applicant health information • developed by Australia’s immigration service (DIBP), with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) • used by panel physicians to record a visa applicant’s medical examination results • NZ joining progressively, from late 2014 • will be integrated with Immigration ONLINE during 2015 • will eventually be available to INZ panel physicians onshore and offshore. • eMedicalbenefits • cost and time savings for INZ and our customers • eliminates paper medical certificates, cutting processing times • shortens referral process when an applicant’s health information must be reviewed by a medical assessor. • Further information, email:

  17. Industry Partnership Pilot • Allows 25 invited education providers to offer fast-tracked visa application processing for selected students • Provider confirms that student is genuine and has sufficient funds for study • INZ does health and character checks, still makes final decision • Pilot launched in early January, for the start of the 2014 academic year • Providers play a greater role in immigration decisions that involve them • Pilot may be expanded to other providers in 2015, depending on results of assessment.