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  2. When an author writes a character’s speech To reflect a region or social group, the author is using which literary technique? A.) jargon B.) slang C.) dialect D.) colloquialism C.) dialect L F

  3. When an author has a character use common words or phrases or spells words the way they sound, this is an example of which literary technique? A.) Colloquialism A.) Colloquialism B.) Slang C.) Hyperbole D.) Jargon L F

  4. Using a literal object to represent figurative or abstract ideas is called what? A.) Theme B.) Symbolism B.) Symbolism C.) Hyperbole D.) Analogy L F

  5. Using informal words or phrases in everyday conversation is an example of which literary technique? A.) slang A.) Slang B.) jargon C.)colloquialism D.) social language L F

  6. Which of the following is not an an example of an author’s tone? A.) Serious B.) Humorous C.) To explain C.) To explain D.) Formal L F

  7. From what point of view is To Kill a Mockingbird told? A.) 3rd Limited B.) 1st Person B.) 1st Person C.) 3rd Omniscient D.) 1st & 3rd Person L F

  8. Which of the following were examples of symbols in To Kill a Mockingbird? A.) mockingbirds and cardinals B.) mockingbirds and the trial C.) mockingbirds and neighbors D.) mockingbirds and Tim Johnson D.) mockingbirds and Tim Johnson L F

  9. Why is it a “sin to kill a mockingbird”? A.) It’s a sin to kill anything B.) Mockingbirds don’t do anything but sing B.) mockingbirds don’t do anything but sing C.) It’s just a saying D.) Atticus didn’t want the kids to shoot birds L F

  10. Which two characters in the story are symbolized by the mockingbird? A.) Tom Robinson & Atticus B.) Jem & Scout C.) Tom Robinson & Boo Radley C.) Tom Robinson & Boo Radley D.) Boo Radley & Atticus L F

  11. Which character narrates the story of To Kill a Mockingbird? A.) Atticus B.) Jem C.) Tom Robinson D.) Scout D.) Scout L F

  12. How does the Finch family respond to Bob Ewell’s threats after the trial? A.) They retaliate B.) They call the sheriff C.) Atticus tries to reason with Bob Ewell D.) They do nothing D.) They do nothing L F

  13. Who saves Scout & Jem from the attack by Bob Ewell after the pageant? A.) MayellaEwell B.) Boo Radley B.) Boo Radley C.) Walter Cunningham D.) Nathan Radley L F

  14. What conclusion does the sheriff reach about how Bob Ewell was killed? A.) Jem killed Bob B.) Scout killed Bob C.) Boo killed Bob D.) Bob fell on his own knife D.) Bob fell on his own knife L F

  15. Most of the plot of To Kill a Mockingbird is told through what literary element? A.) Theme B.) Foreshadowing C.) Flashback C.) Flashback D.) Mood L F

  16. What is the name of the author of To Kill a Mockingbird? A.) Harper Lee A.) Harper Lee B.) F. Scott Fitzgerald C.) Ernest Hemingway D.) S.E. Hinton L F

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