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present / gift

present / gift

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present / gift

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  1. *Warm-up: cards song flowers present / gift a cake candles *What do you think of when you see these things? A birthday party. When do you like to organize your birthday party, during the day or in the evening? Do you often celebrate your birthday? What foods and drinks are often served at your birthday party? What activities do you often have at your birthday party?

  2. Saturday, September 28th 2013 Unit 3. A PARTY Lesson. Listening Period 17

  3. Vocabulary ['gæđə] = come together Lát, miếng [slais] Lớp kem phủ trên mặt bánh ['aisiη] Trang trí ['dekəreit] = clean up • gather (v) • Slice(n) • icing(n) • Decorate(v) • Tidy up ( exp)['taidi] • Clap(v)[klæp]

  4. * Listen and repeat gathering restaurant prizes birthday cake decorated icing slices clapped Eg: We are gathering at a new restaurant. Eg: The birthday cake was beautifully decorated with pink and white icing.

  5. While you listen: Set the scene: You are going to listen to the man talking about Mai’s birthday party that he has been to.

  6. II. While you listen Task 1:Listen and decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F). at about three in the afternoon about twenty of us T F • Mai’s birthday party was held at home in the evening. • About thirty guests were at her party. • The birthday cake was brought out at the beginning of • the party. • 4. The birthday party lasted about three hours. • 5. All the friends stayed after the party to tidy up the mess.      only the speaker at about 4:30 (p.m.) at about 6 p.m the party came to an end

  7. *Task 2: Choose the best answer 1. How old was Mai ? A. 6 B. 15 C. 13 D. 16 2. Mai didn’t like having her party at a restaurant because it is....... A. busy and expensive B. noisy and inexpensive C. noisy and expensive D. busy and inexpensive 3. Mai’s mother served the guests............. at the beginning of the party? A. ice-cream and biscuits B. soft drinks and biscuits C. coffee and cake D. fruits and milk 4. The birthday cake was beatifully decorated with....................... A. pink and white icing B. brown and yellow icing C. green and white icing D. black and yellow icing 5.What did all the guests do while Mai was cutting the cake? A. they danced and sang B. they played the Bingo game C. they took photos D. they clapped their hands and sang

  8. After you listen - Place where the party was held and the reason for her choice - When the party began. - The number of guests. - What Mai did. - When the party finished. - Who stayed after the party to help Mai clean up the mess.

  9. - Mai’s birthday party was held …………….. • She didn’t like having her party at a restaurant because it is....................... • The party began at………………..

  10. Homework: Learn by heart vocabulary Prepare for writing lesson.

  11. Good bye!!!