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Shad Valley MUN

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Shad Valley MUN

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  1. Shad Valley MUN Introduction to Product Design and Development Lecture 4: Part 1 Industrial Design Dr. Leonard M. Lye, PEng, FCSCE Professor of Civil Engineering Program Director, MUN Shad MUN Shad Valley

  2. Introduction • Industrial designers are primarily responsible for the aspects of a product that relate to the user – the product’s aesthetic appeal (how it looks, sounds, feels, smells) and its functional interfaces (how it is used). • This lecture will briefly introduces ID and explain how the ID process takes place in relation to other product development activities. MUN Shad Valley

  3. What is ID? • The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) defines ID as: • “ the professional service of creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value, and appearance of products and systems for mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer.” • This definition is broad enough to include the activities of the entire product development team. MUN Shad Valley

  4. Dreyfuss’s 5 critical goals for ID • Utility: The human interfaces should be safe, easy to use, and intuitive. Each feature should be shaped so that it communicates its function to the user. • Appearance: Form, line, proportion, and colour are used to integrate the product into a pleasing whole. • Ease of maintenance: Products must also be designed to communicate how they are to be maintained and repaired. • Low costs: Form and features have a large impact on tooling and production costs, so these must be considered jointly by the team. • Communication: Product designs should communicate the corporate design philosophy and mission through the visual qualities of the products. MUN Shad Valley

  5. How important is ID to a Product? • Importance of ID can be characterized along two dimensions: ergonomics and aesthetics. The more important, the more ID is required. • Ergonomic Needs: • How important is ease of use? • How important is ease of maintenance? • How many user interactions are required for the product’s functions? • How novel are the user interaction needs? • What are the safety issues? MUN Shad Valley

  6. Aesthetic Needs: • Is visual product differentiation required? • How important are pride of ownership, image, and fashion? • Will an aesthetic product motivate the team? Is ID worth the investment? • Direct cost: cost of the ID services. • Manufacturing cost: for prototypes, etc. • Time cost: penalty associated with extended lead time. MUN Shad Valley

  7. Corporate Identity • Corporate identity: The visual style of the organization. • Apple Computer Inc: non-threatening, user-friendly look. • Rolex Watch Co: Classic look and solid feel signifying quality and prestige. • Braun AG: Clean lines and basic colours, associated with simplicity and quality. • Bang and Olufsen: Sleek lines and impressive visual displays and technological innovations. • IKEA: simple, clean, inexpensive, and user friendly designs and products. MUN Shad Valley

  8. The role of ID according to product type MUN Shad Valley

  9. Summary • Primary mission of ID: aesthetics and ergonomics. • Most products can benefit in some way or another from ID. The more the product is looked at or used by people, the more it will depend on good ID for its success. • Early involvement of ID will ensure that critical aesthetic and user requirements will not be overlooked or ignored by the team. • When a product relies on technology, ID can be integrated into the development process later. • Active involvement of ID can help promote good communication between functional groups  higher quality products. MUN Shad Valley

  10. Examples of Award Winning Products MUN Shad Valley

  11. MUN Shad Valley

  12. Resources • Industrial Design Society of America ( • IDEO Industrial Design Company ( • Astro Studios ID Company ( MUN Shad Valley