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Immerse Yourself. By Nathan Yacovissi. What is Immersion?. Refers to any number of ways you may spend time with the community Examples Take tours through a neighborhood Regularly visiting community leaders Conducting focus groups Canvassing the community. Community.

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immerse yourself

Immerse Yourself

By Nathan Yacovissi

what is immersion
What is Immersion?
  • Refers to any number of ways you may spend time with the community
  • Examples
    • Take tours through a neighborhood
    • Regularly visiting community leaders
    • Conducting focus groups
    • Canvassing the community
  • Refers to a group of people who share something
    • Place
    • Culture
    • Emotions
    • Occupation
  • Plays different roles:
    • Motivator
    • Champion of the cause
    • Planner
    • Relationship Builder
    • Facilitator
    • Conflict Handler
johns hopkins center for injury research policy
Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research & Policy
  • Created interactive house on wheels in 2004
    • Has had over 18,000 visitors through 2009
    • 96% learned that they had learned something on tour
    • Wanted to reach out and communicate better with growing Hispanic communities
cares mobile safety center
CARES Mobile Safety Center
  • CARES= “Children Are Safe”
    • Every year more than one thousand Baltimore children are hospitalized due to injury
  • Designed by students from MICA’S Center for Design Practice (CDP)
  • Redesigning a mobile health bus to reach a bilingual audience
  • Students Improve and Broaden Vehicle’s messages
    • Some parents unsure of what type of services were being offered from Graphics on vehicle
    • Designed graphical prototypes depicting home safety scenarios
    • Emphasis on the need for interactive education and the use of pictures and diagrams in educational materials.
interactive designs
Interactive Designs
  • Green and Red icon system
    • Green check mark=correct
    • Red exclamation mark=wrong
  • Visitors have to guess in interactive bus
    • Is also included in take-home handout
    • Is in both English and Spanish
green patriot posters
Green Patriot Posters
  • National Campaign
  • Produce:
    • Visual media
    • Events
    • Artwork
  • Public understanding of human-induced climate change and energize commitment to solutions
green patriot poster continued
Green Patriot Poster Continued
  • Theme is Patriotism
    • Promote pride of place
    • Transcend prejudices
    • Increased feeling of personal investment
  • Three ads placed on buses
    • “This Bus is an Assault Vehicle in the Fight Against Global Warming”
  • “One of the major things we learned from the design students is the power of simplicity.”

-Stephanie Parsons

  • Less is more
code for america
Code For America
  • Boston
    • Shoveling Snow
    • App where people can compete for shoveling Snow
    • People compete for fire hydrants
  • Honolulu
    • Tsunami Sirens
    • Check batteries
  • Seattle
    • Gutter drains
    • Keep Cleared and unclogged
wrapping it up
Wrapping it Up
  • Being immersed with your audience reaches larger audience
  • Interactive Designs are efficient
  • People react when they have a challenge