choosing a drinking water purification system n.
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Choosing a Drinking Water Purification System

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Choosing a Drinking Water Purification System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Choosing a Drinking Water Purification System. Drinking Water Quality Considerations Purification : removal of bad stuff PH : acidic or alkaline Minerals : good or none Oxidation : promote or reduce.

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Drinking Water Quality ConsiderationsPurification: removal of bad stuffPH: acidic or alkalineMinerals: good or noneOxidation: promote or reduce


FiltrationPurification: depends on filterPH: same as sourceMinerals: goodOxidation: bad – oxidizing agent


Reverse OsmosisPurification: goodPH: same as source water Minerals: bad - noneOxidation: bad - oxidizing agent

distillation purification good ph acidic to neutral minerals bad none oxidation bad oxidizing agent

DistillationPurification: goodPH: acidic to neutralMinerals: bad - noneOxidation: bad - oxidizing agent


Ionization with ElectrolysisPurification: depends on filterPH: good - alkalineMinerals: goodOxidation: depends on quality


Compare IonizersPlate Type: solid vs meshPlate Size: surface areaPower Type and Size: wattageFlow Rate: gallons per minuteORP: Oxidation Reduction PotentialWarranty: timeframe and coverageService: after sale support and cost


RecommendationsPlate Type: solid, dipped in platinumPlate Size: 490 square inchesPower Type and Size: continuous, 230wFlow Rate: 2 gallons per minuteORP: -800 to -1200Warranty: 5 years, no exclusionsService: reasonable price, good service

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