Basics in Computer Programming
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Basics in Computer Programming. By Sir Leonard Bobbitt. Image Analysis and Manipulation with Photoshop . Computational Thinking. Presentation of Information with Word & PowerPoin t .

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Basics in computer programming

Basics in Computer Programming

By Sir Leonard Bobbitt

Image Analysis and Manipulation with Photoshop

Computational Thinking

Presentation of Information with Word & PowerPoint

Photoshop can be used to design beautiful images, create visual presentations, and to even beautify all your images!

Computational thinking means being able to go above the original whole and constructing a whole of wholes. Or going above the whole and thinking about the whole in a different way.


CSE3 teaches students basic computer literacy in order to be able to use computers for both day-to-day usage and also for a professional environment

Data Analysis and Visualization with Excel

Visual Programming with Scratch

Scratch is a program that allows basic programming for people who have never programmed before!

Using HTML to Present Information Online

Microsoft excel can be used to spruce up all kinds of projects. And it doesn’t have to be used on just boring old class projects, but you can even make games with it!

Students in CSE3 learn to design webpagesin html, using programs such as notepad++. It’s amazing all the great information we are able to put online!

You can make all kinds of things in Scratch, like games!