The los angeles bb murder cases
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The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases . By: Kimberlynn Lee. By Nisioisin . Original Concept by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. Born 1981 Japanese novelist and manga writer Nisio's work is characterized by references to other novels, as well as parodies of famous manga series.

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By nisioisin
By Nisioisin

Original Concept by TsugumiOhba and Takeshi Obata

  • Born 1981

  • Japanese novelist and manga writer

  • Nisio's work is characterized by references to other novels, as well as parodies of famous manga series

The los angeles bb murder cases

Characters: Protagonists


Naomi Misora

  • L is known as one of the greatest detectives in the world. His identity is unknown. Later, he reveals himself and tells people to call him Rue Ryuzaki. His strange sitting habits supposedly helps him think 40% better along with consuming large amounts of sugar.

  • Naomi is a FBI agent who is currently on a “leave of absence”. She couldn’t pull the trigger on a dangerous 13 year old criminal which led to her suspension. L secretly contacts only her to ask for assistance in a very important case.

Beyond birthday

Beyond Birthday

Characters: Antagonist

  • BB was the 2nd child to be taken in at Wammy's House. (A place for gifted children who are chosen to try to create a successor for L) BB wanted to surpass L, rather than becoming a successor, so he created a case that would be too difficult for L to solve. He murders three people and then charades as a detective working on the cases. He “works” with Naomi on solving the clues left behind and refers himself as Rue Ryuzaki. His strange mannerisms are similar to L’s.


Kimberlynn Lee and MitzyDever

The los angeles bb murder cases

Favorite Character

Even though BB is the antagonist, I consider him my favorite character. L is actually my favorite but there aren’t many details about him in this book. Just the way he acts is so bizarre and humorous at times. I find it interesting that in his goal to surpass L, he completely disregards his life.

Naomi misora
Naomi Misora

Least Favorite Character

  • There are basically only three characters to choose from so there really isn’t much of a selection. If there is any reason to dislike her, it would be that she was almost used as a toy between L and BB. L hid this battle from her while BB pretended to be the good guy.

Time period place


Time Period & Place

  • Los Angeles –

  • Lots of people to choose from

  • Born with shinigami (death god) eyes which means he can see people’s names and when they will die just by seeing a persons face.

  • August 15th, 2002

  • The day after the 3rd murder

  • Has modern technology



Plot Summary

  • This story is supposedly written by M (better known as Mello). L told three stories and this was the one that stood out to him, because this was the case that L first introduced himself as Ryuzaki. L secretly contacts Naomi who is a FBI agent on leave of absence to help with this important case. Naomi checks out the first murder scene for any clues. During that time BB appears by grabbing Naomi’s leg and suddenly appearing from underneath the victim’s bed. He says he is Rue Ryuzaki and was hired by all three victim's family’s to investigate. They decide to work together on solving these murders.

Rising action
Rising Action

Plot Summary

  • Naomi and “Ryuzaki” figure out hidden clues leading to each murder. L tells Naomi the murderer is B which is when she started noticing the killer had an obsession with the letter B. She related the number 13 looking like the letter B when put together which was important in the case. The victims were chosen for their initials, usually B.B. They finally figured out where the murder will be, what time, and that the 4th murder would be the last one


Plot Summary

  • There were two possible murder victims so Naomi pretended to be one while Ryuzaki pretended to be the other. Naomi starts thinking more about the case and realizes how stupid she was that Ryuzaki was actually the murderer. She broke into the apartment room where Ryuzaki was to see a voodoo doll nailed into the wall and see Ryuzaki himself flailing on fire. She puts the fire out as quick as she could and handcuffed the barely alive BB.


Plot Summary

  • In this story the resolution comes before the falling action. M explains a little bit more on BB’s actions and reminds the reader some key points. BB wanted to surpass L by creating a case that couldn’t be solved. BB failed though by getting figured out and being not able to die the way he had planned.

Falling action
Falling Action

Plot Summary

  • Naomi is returning to her job as a FBI agent and is at the subway station. She sees a young man who looks familiar and when trying to talk to him he tries to assault her with a hug. She’s trained in Capoeira (a self defence) and knocks him to the ground. The man mutters “I see, watching videos and seeing it for real is quite different, but now I think I understand.” Since the man is unhurt she tries to take him in for sexual assault and asks for his name. He says to please call him Ryuzaki.

Rating of book
Rating of book

  • I rate this book a 9 out of 10. I think the book is well written with many intricate details. There are some things that you should know before reading this book considering it’s a spin-off story of the original series but I think it mentions enough for a new reader to understand.


  • Murder - the killing of another human being under conditions specifically covered in law

  • Obsession - the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.

  • Greed - An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves

Social issue
Social Issue

  • Murder- Capital Punishment:

    The penalty or sentence of death for committing a crime

The los angeles bb murder cases

What are your choices?

  • Lethal Injection

  • Electrocution

  • Gas Chamber

  • Hanging

  • Firing Squad

The los angeles bb murder cases

Why is this important?

  • Some innocent people are getting killed, and you can’t take that back.

What kind of message are we sending

What kind of message are we sending?

"We kill people to show people that killing people is wrong.“

“It is not morally okay to rape rapists, is it acceptable to execute murderers?”

“An eye for an eye."

Is this right or wrong
Is this right or wrong?

Many people are arguing about the death penalty and there will probably never be a concrete answer.

People s opinions
People’s Opinions

Executing a murderer is stopping him from killing anymore people

Execution is the easy way out

Death is the worst punishment

We’re just paying the government to supply murderers with free food and shelter in jail

The los angeles bb murder cases

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