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Location Aware Information System (LAIS) PowerPoint Presentation
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Location Aware Information System (LAIS)

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Location Aware Information System (LAIS) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Location Aware Information System (LAIS). Neftali Alverio Bryan Halter Jeff Cardillo Brian Reed Advisor: Prof. Tilman Wolf. LAIS Project Overview. Provide location specific information on wireless PDA Maps, businesses, events, etc. Updates as you travel Example:

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Presentation Transcript

Location Aware Information System(LAIS)

Neftali Alverio

Bryan Halter

Jeff Cardillo

Brian Reed

Advisor: Prof. Tilman Wolf


LAIS Project Overview

  • Provide location specific information on wireless PDA
    • Maps, businesses, events, etc.
    • Updates as you travel
  • Example:
    • Campus tour with wireless client
  • Required:
    • Pocket PC
    • GPS device
    • Internet access (wireless Ethernet or cellular)
database challenges
Database Challenges
  • Store location relevant information
    • Ranges instead of points
    • Large amount of information
  • Efficiently query any point in the world
  • Map the spherical Earth into database tables

World Subdivision

Quadrant 1

Quadrant 2

Quadrant 3

Our Cell: 1…

Our Cell: 14…

Quadrant 4


Local cells

Cell Algorithm

  • Used by Scavenger & Server
  • Matching Latitudes & Longitudes to cells
    • Divides current cell into 4 equal pieces
    • Select sub-cell by comparing Latitude & Longitude
    • Repeated 16 times
  • UMass Engineering Quad – 1411223332432413
  • Width of cells thins out towards the poles
  • Find set of cells for a user given range
database design
Database Design
  • 16 layers for data of different sizes
    • Finest resolution is 1/3 mile x 1/3 mile
  • To store and retrieve information
    • Cell number is key to data
    • Need to calculate cell number from geographic coordinates
  • Separation of locations and their information
    • One to many relationship
lais location finder challenges
LAIS Location FinderChallenges
  • Admin specifies location and type of information
  • Example:
    • Banks in Amherst, MA 01003
  • Challenge:
    • Getting GPS coordinates for address
  • Commercial solutions:
    • Microsoft MapPoint.NET ($5,000 for student license)
  • Web sources:
    • and
location finder process finding locations using superpages com

category links

Location Finder ProcessFinding Locations using[City]&RS=[State]&RZ=[ZipCode]&R=D&search=Find+It

URL used will have actual city state and zip filled in where red text apears

Sample of a resulting webpage with links to categories

location finder process finding locations using superpages com1

Sample webpage of location results for a category type.

Location Finder ProcessFinding Locations using
  • Search for listings on based on admin preferences
  • Use form post method per area for listings
  • Parse source code to extract listings.
location finder process acquiring cell number and gps coordinates
Location Finder ProcessAcquiring Cell Number and GPS Coordinates
  • Break address into 2 parts after first comma from previous process.
  • 253 Triangle St, Amherst, MA 01002 becomes
      • 253 Triangle St
      • Amherst, MA 01002
  • Feed into gps.algebra site via form post
  • Parse results for Latitude and Longitude. Triangle St&addr2=Amherst, MA 01002

information retrieval

Obtain information about locations from web

Update automatically

Require minimal human intervention


Web pages lack well defined form

All relevant data is not in one section

HTML page not well suited to output

Information Retrieval
parsing steps
Parsing Steps

Remove all but useful sections

Remove HTML Tags

Remove tabs and

carriage returns

Remove extra spaces

Store to the database

syntax recognition

<br> </td> </tr> <tr>

<td width="50%" bgcolor="#ffffff">

<font face="Arial"><font color="#800000">

<a href="

lectures/martinez.html"> Jose Martinez </a>

</font></font> <br> <i><font color="#800000">

University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign,

Computer Science </font></i> <br><i>

<font color="#800000">

Title: Speculative Shared-Memory

Architectures</font></i> <br>

<font color="#800000"> February 25,

4:00 p.m., 132 Marston</font>

<br> <fontcolor="#800000">

</font>&nbsp;</td> <td><br>

Syntax Recognition

Desired Output

Jose Martinez

University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign,

Computer Science Title: Speculative Shared-Memory

Architectures February 25, 4:00 p.m., 132 Marston

Syntax Rule

Token: <br>

Sections before: 3

Sections after: 0

data storage
Data storage
  • Data is stored with a type, entry date, reference URL, referred to location
  • Data is stored in a table corresponding to the layer on which the location it refers to exists.
client server interactions
Client/Server Interactions
  • Client:
    • Get GPS coordinates
    • Send request to server via wireless link
  • Server:
    • Receive request
    • Query database
    • Generate output map
  • Client:
    • Display page
system demo
System Demo

User Login

User Preferences


University of Massachusetts Campus

Our location is the W.E.B Dubois library (marked red). Maps with a zoom of 1.5 mi (left), 1 mi (center), and .5 mi (right)


University of Massachusetts Campus

Same location as before but with a road map shown.

  • Hardware:
    • PDA ($500)
    • Server ($2,000) Donated by Microsoft
    • GPS Unit ($300)
    • Wireless Access Points ($150)
  • Software
    • Visual Studio .NET
    • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Submitted grant to Microsoft
    • Microsoft funds everything excluding the GPS