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The Princess and the Frog

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The Princess and the Frog. By: Megan Dowdell.

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the princess and the frog

The Princess and the Frog

By: Megan Dowdell


Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess named Annabelle. She was as beautiful as a clear blue sky. She loved to sing and dance. Annabelle lived in a city called New Orleans. This city loved to have parties, and Annabelle loved going to parties. This Saturday there was going to be a party and Annabelle made sure that she was going to go to it.


The next day Annabelle went to find the perfect dress for her party. She went to the dress store and tried on a million dresses. Then finally she had found the right one. She looked into the mirror and saw her reflection. She looked gorgeous. However there was a string that was hanging from the dress so she had to cut the dress by using a lever, scissors.


It was the night of the party and Annabelle was so excited. While she was in her room getting ready she kept talking to herself bout how amazing this night would be. While talking she could hear an echo of her voice. When Annabelle was done getting ready she prepared for her entrance. She got on an inclined plane, ladder, and walked down slowly while everyone applauded her. Just from the applause Annabelle knew this would be a fantastic night. Annabelle danced all night light until the party was over and then she went happily to sleep.


The next morning a wonderful prince came to town. His name was Prince Eric and he came by using a pulley, sailboat, to find a wonderful wife. The sailboat that he had used to get here saved a bunch of time because its speed was so fast. Anyways, Prince Eric loved to sing just like Annabelle. Eric had heard how wonderful Annabelle was and he was hoping that he would be able to meet her soon.


When the prince got off the boat he met this guy name Eduardo. Eric thought Eduardo was a nice guy, but what he didn’t know was that Eduardo was the evilest guy in the city. Eduardo took Eric to a secret hide out that he had and told him to close his eyes. Eric closed his eyes without any trouble and Eduardo began saying something. Then there was a silence. Eric kept calling for Eduardo, but there was no answer. Then he noticed that the temperature had dropped and his weight felt lighter than usual. Eric looked at himself and screamed. He was a green frog. Eric didn’t know hat happened. All he knew was that he needed to be human in order to meet Princess Annabelle.


The prince began to worry that there was no hope for him, but while he was hopping along he could see Annabelle standing inside her kitchen. Eric hopped into the kitchen and started talking to Annabelle. She was so frightened that she grabbed a wedge, knife, and was prepared to stab the frog.


The frog screamed and Annabelle jumped. He explained how someone had turned him into a frog but he didn’t tell Annabelle that he was Prince Eric. Eric begged for just one kiss because he thought that it would turn him back into a human. Annabelle thought for a second and then she kissed the frog.


After the kiss there was a mysterious bright light. Annabelle noticed that the frog she kissed was still a frog and that she had become the same size as it. Annabelle took a quick glance at herself and screamed. She jumped onto the wheel and axle, fan, and didn’t know what to do. She had turned into a frog as well. If this didn’t turn Eric back into a human then he didn’t know what would, but he had an idea.


The next day the frogs set out for a quest to find the evil magic guy, Tony. They were determined to find him no matter how long it took. They searched everywhere for Tony. After a while they got tired and drunk a bottle of water which had a screw on it. After resting they were searching at a magnificent velocity, speed with direction. They even searched in abandoned house nearby. Then finally they had found Tony. He was hiding in a dark alley because he had heard that the two frogs were looking for him.


The frogs were so angry with Tony that they didn’t know what to do with him. However, they did know that he was going to turn them back into humans. Tony used his magical spell o turn them back to humans. While they were turning into humans they felt a vibration on their bodies and then they were human again. Just to make sure that Tony wouldn’t be able to do that again Eric and Annabelle killed him by throwing water on him and he began melting.


After that long adventure Annabelle figured out that the frog was Prince Eric. She was so amazed and happy at the same time. At that moment they both knew they belonged together. The next day they got married and lived happily ever after.