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advancing scientific discovery through teragrid n.
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Advancing Scientific Discovery through TeraGrid PowerPoint Presentation
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Advancing Scientific Discovery through TeraGrid

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Advancing Scientific Discovery through TeraGrid
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Advancing Scientific Discovery through TeraGrid

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  1. Advancing Scientific Discovery through TeraGrid Scott Lathrop TeraGrid Director of Education, Outreach and Training University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory

  2. TeraGrid - 11 Resource Providers, One Facility Grid Infrastructure Group (UChicago) UW PSC UC/ANL NCAR PU NCSA UNC/RENCI IU Caltech ORNL NICS USC/ISI SDSC LONI TACC Resource Provider (RP) Software Integration Partner

  3. TeraGrid Resources and Services • Computing - nearly a petaflop of computing power today and growing • 500 Tflop Ranger system at TACC • NICS (U Tenn) system to come on-line in July • Other systems will be coming on-line through NSF/OCI funding • Centralized help desk among all resource providers • Remote visualization servers and software • Data • Allocation of data storage facilities • Over 100 Scientific Data Collections • Central allocations process • Technical Support • Central point of contact for support of all systems • Advanced Support for TeraGrid Applications (ASTA) • Education and training events and resources • Over 20 Science Gateways

  4. Requesting Allocations of Time • TeraGrid resources are provided free to academic researchers and educators • Development Allocations Committee (DAC) for start-up accounts up to 30,000 hours of time are requests processed in two weeks - start-up and courses • Medium Resource Allocations Committee (MRAC) for requests of up to 500,000 hours of time are reviewed four times a year • Large Resource Allocations Committee (LRAC) for requests of over 500,000 hours of time are reviewed twice a year

  5. Advanced Support for TeraGrid Applications Virtualized Resources, Ensembles:FOAM Climate Model Liu (UWisc) Coupled Simulation: Full Body Arterial Tree Simulation Karniadakis (Brown) Sources: Ian Foster (UC/ANL), Mike Papka (UC/ANL), George Karniadakis (Brown). Images by UC/ANL.

  6. 10 initial projects as part of TG proposal >20 Gateway projects today No limit on how many gateways can use TG resources Prepare services and documentation so developers can work independently Open Science Grid (OSG) Special PRiority and Urgent Computing Environment (SPRUCE) National Virtual Observatory (NVO) Linked Environments for Atmospheric Discovery (LEAD) Computational Chemistry Grid (GridChem) Computational Science and Engineering Online (CSE-Online) GEON(GEOsciences Network) Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) SCEC Earthworks Project Network for Computational Nanotechnology and nanoHUB GIScience Gateway (GISolve) Biology and Biomedicine Science Gateway Open Life Sciences Gateway The Telescience Project Grid Analysis Environment (GAE) Neutron Science Instrument Gateway TeraGrid Visualization Gateway, ANL BIRN Gridblast Bioinformatics Gateway Earth Systems Grid Astrophysical Data Repository (Cornell) Science GatewaysBroadening Participation in TeraGrid

  7. “HPC University” • Catalog of live and self-paced training resources and events • Professional development and curriculum development workshops • Student internships and competitions • Publish resources via NSDL-CSERD

  8. Sampling of Training Topics Offered • HPC Computing • Introduction to Parallel Computing • Toward Multicore Petascale Applications • Scaling Workshop - Scaling to Petaflops • Effective Use of Multi-core Technology • TeraGrid - Wide BlueGene Applications • Introduction to Using SDSC Systems • Introduction to the Cray XT3 at PSC • Introduction to & Optimization for SDSC Sytems • Parallel Computing on Ranger & Lonestar • Petascale Computing in the Biosciences • Workshop on Infectious Disease Informatics at NCSA • NCSA to host workshop on data center design • Rocks Linux Cluster Workshop • LCI International Conference on HPC Clustered Computing • Visualization • Introduction to Scientific Visualization • Intermediate Visualization at TACC • Remote/Collaborative TeraScale Visualization on the TeraGrid • Over 30 on-line asynchronous tutorials

  9. SC08-SC10 Education Program • Multi-year, year-long, Education Programs to provide continuity and sustained impact • Integrate computational thinking and use of HPC resources into high school and undergraduate science, technology, engineering and mathematics classrooms • Foster High School - College partnerships • Resources for teaching and learning via CSERD/NSDL • Sponsors: ACM, IEEE, TeraGrid, NCSI, CSERD, Krell, and NSF • Recruiting faculty and institutions to innovate their curriculum

  10. Week-long Hands-on Summer Workshops • Applications of HPC, Grids, and Parallel Computing to Science Education • Computational Biology for Biology Educators • Computational Chemistry for Chemistry Educators • Computational Physics and Parallel Environments • High Performance Computing in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences • Integrating Computational Science into the Undergraduate Curriculum • Introduction to Modeling, Simulation, and Computational Methods • Nanotechnologies and High Performance Computing in Education and Research Information and registration at

  11. Campus Champions Program • Training program for campus representatives • Campus advocate for CI • TeraGrid ombudsman for local users • Quick start-up accounts for campus • TeraGrid contacts for problem resolution • We’re looking for interested campuses!

  12. TeraGrid ‘08 Conference Call for Participation! • Riviera Hotel and Casino • Las Vegas • June 9th-13th, 2008 Science, Technology and Education Papers Tutorials BOFs Student Competitions Visualization Showcase

  13. For More Information