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Leadership survey 2011

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Leadership survey 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leadership survey 2011. A survey of 103 council chiefs and directors C onducted by LGC in Sept 2011 P art of the LGC/BT Leadership Partnership. Why is it important than councils are well led?. 75% 70% 43% 32% 27% 11%.

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Leadership survey 2011

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leadership survey 2011

Leadership survey 2011

A survey of 103 council chiefs and directors

Conducted by LGC in Sept 2011

Part of the LGC/BT Leadership Partnership


Why is it important than councils are well led?






Delivering services/outcomes with/through partners means direction and strategy must be clearer than ever

Falling income means we can’t do everything so difficult decisions will need to be taken

The council will need to lead the community to change their behaviour

Changing demographics mean demand is increasing

Expectations are rising

Falling morale among staff


What are the greatest challenges you face today?








Reluctance to prioritise/stop doing things

Unhelpful comments by ministers/MPs about local government

Resistance/insufficient engagement from other local public bodies/agencies

The reputation/perceptions of local government among residents

Failure of government departments to pool funding

Failure of government departments to devolve

Lack of capacity in local community/voluntary sector

Embedded resistance to change within the council


Chief executives are hostages to a raft of often conflicting goals and ambitions and need real toughness and resilience in dealing with these.

The importance of 'speaking truth unto power' has never been more important whatever the political or career risks. I have no intention of being Chief Executive of Cloud Cuckoo Land!


As public services are delivered by an event greater number of agencies the need for leaders to be able to create and nurture relationships with others has never been greater

Members need to define the type of CX an organisation requires. Internal managing type CX or external facing figurehead type of CX. I believe this is should be a conscious decision. Each have benefits/drawbacks.


The advent of single party politics and professional Councillors has to be matched by the development of new ways of doing things, otherwise this generation will oversee the end of large scale participation in local democracy.

It is right in terms of accountability and legitimacy for politicians, not officers, to lead and be seen to be leading. However many politicians seem to find it easier to spend time on operational issues than to address the big strategy or policy considerations


53% Local gov

23% Retire

37% Elsewhere...



  • Leadership skills/attributes needed for the future:
  • Communications
    • Political interface
    • Collaboration
    • People
    • Reputation/engagement
  • Understanding of technology and impact on communities
  • Commercial nous